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Ben Affleck quits smoking with hypnosis

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Hollywood actor Ben Affleck is looking forward to the Oscar ceremony after his success at the Bafta's this week.

One thing is for sure though...however nerve wracking it will be Ben will not be taking to the Cigarettes to help calm his nerves.

Many people think that they smoke to help them when they are stressed, what they don't know is that in fact it increases your stress levels whilst flooding your body with toxins. Ben had already stopped smoking before but whilst filming his hit movie Argo he started again as part of his character. He used to smoke 20 a day and had done for years, but when his wife Jennifer Garner told him it was time to quit he realised that it was a postive move and that as he looked forward to becoming a father it was a good thing to do for everyone concerned.

 "I finally decided to quit smoking when I was going to have a child, and that was the thing that sort of put it over the top for me," Ben says.

So, once he made the final decision that it was time to become a non smoker, Ben says he went to a hypnotist in the USA who had been recommended by his friend, fellow film star Matt Damon. "He sips water and just talks to you for an hour and explains to you how nicotine is poison," Ben said when speaking to TV host Oprah Winfrey. "And it seems really, like, 'How could this help me?' And all of a sudden you think, 'This is asinine that I had been doing this to myself for all these years.'"

It is important to see that in fact you are not giving up something but gaining something. In the case of Ben Affleck he is making a brighter future for his children, pleasing his wife and of course getting all of his sense of taste and smell back. What's not to like!
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  1. Susannah

    Having your own reasons to quit smoking is so important. If you only give up to please someone else then eventually you're likely to return to your old habits.

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