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  1. Paul Mckenna speaks at the United Nations International day of Happiness

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    Paul Mckenna speaks to the UN on International Day of Happiness

    Paul Mckenna has come a long way from his days as a radio presenter for the BBC. From becoming the most famous hypnotist on British television with his own hypnosis gameshow "The Hypnotic World of Paul Mckenna" to a world famous hypnotherapist helping thousands of people to acheive what they desire, from losing weight, giving up smoking and managing stress to builing self confidence and more.

    Now here comes what could well be his greatest challenge yet....speaking to the United Nations.

    Paul has been invited to speak at the United Nations Plaza Building in New York all about what he does on March 20th 2016 for the I Do Happiness Day. As well as speaking about hypnotherapy he will also be discussing Havening and how it can help people. It's just one of several techniques that can make a real difference to your life.

    The event is designed to be a global platform for change. Paul's talk is entitled "The Havening Technique - Move from upset/depression to a calm blissful state in minutes using the latest breakthroughs in modern psychology.

    The power of the mind is something that we must never underestimate and so I very much look forward to hearing what Paul has to say.

    You can find out more at idohappiness.org 

    international day of happiness 2016

     Updated after the event: Paul took the stage an introduced himself as someone who has been fascinated by happiness for many years. He discussed the fact that money doesn't seem to make people any happier. Lottery winners are often not much happier a year after their win.

    Depression is on the rise across the world and he talked about the different approaches that can be used to help people to find ways to feel happier. He discussed his use of Hypnotherapy and NLP with Richard Bandler and then went on to demonstrate the technique of Havening

    He explained that the neurosystem cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined thought.

    He asked everyone in the audience to remember a time when they felt really happy. He asked them to return to it as if it was happening right now and then asked them to make that experience stronger and more vivid.

    We are only one thought away from feeling happy.

    Havening Demonstration by Paul McKenna

    He then went on to demonstrate the technique with a member of the audience called Annette. She talked about the story of her life an abuse that she had suffered as a child. She had already spoken to Dr. Ron Ruden who has worked with havening a great deal and is ont of the creators of this new therapy. Annette also spoke about how she tried to think positive but that she was always pulled back to what she felt she grew up with.

    "It feels like the past is always present"

    Paul explained that what he was going to do was a psychosensory therapy and not a distraction. He asked her how badly she could make herself feel on a scale of one to ten and she said ten.


    He then used the havening intervention which you can see in this video.. 

    Dr. Paul McKenna Demonstrates Havening Techniques® at the United Nations, March 20, 2016 from Havening on Vimeo.

    It is fascinating to see that after the havening the lady herself finds it very hard to feel the bad feelings again, after just a few minutes.






  2. Extracts from Paul Mckenna Book Instant influence and Charisma

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    The new Paul Mckenna Book and CD has hit the bookshelves of Amazon, WH Smith and everywhere else that you may expect. It's called Instant Influence and Charisma and interestingly it seems to use many of the techniques that Paul was trained in when he worked with Richard Bandler on NLP training which is something that he still runs workshops for.

    What is NLP?

    NLP stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming and it aims to show you techniques that can help you to change the way you think and change the way that you feel. Often it can be associated with sales techniques and people being told ways that they can create empathy. In fact, I would think that the more you try and do something that isn't natural then the less likely you are to come across as sincere, hence the reason many salespeople come across as creepy and slimy!

    So, the Daily Mirror has serialised part of the book and is explaining a couple of techniques so let's take a look...

    paul mckenna instant influence and charisma extracts

    The power poses

    "You can make yourself more confident and assertive, lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and raise levels of testosterone (the confidence hormone), just by practising these three simple poses.

    I’ve shared them with many friends and clients. Some of them go to the bathroom to do the poses before important meetings, and they notice that even walking from the bathroom to the meeting room people treat them differently.

    Power pose one: Feet on desk, hands behind head

    Power pose two: Straight back, hands on hips

    Power pose three: Punch the air with both arms"

    These are already of interest to me because although standing in a way that makes you feel more confident is a great idea the first pose is one that may be familiar to you.

    Have you ever had a boss who put his feet on the desk and his hand behind his head? I know I have had them in the past and all they make me think is that the person needs to get a grip and stop trying to look as if they are higher status than me. It's just disrespectful.

    So, although I am often a fan of Paul Mckenna, because basically he takes all the good things that practising hypnotherapists like myself are doing, on this occasion he seems to have written a book for car salesmen.

    It may not be what you are looking for but if you are then you can read more reviews on amazon below..