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What happened to Selz ? Where has my online shop gone?

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Where is the online shop?

Can you buy Hypnosis Downloads?

Selz bought and shutdown by Amazon

Many people benefit from being able to download hypnosis recordings and listen to them in their own time. Whilst these recordings are not tailored to you in the same way they would be if we were working together in person they are quick and easy to try and so still very useful.

Unfortunately my online shop has been taken away and I wasn't even told about it!

So, I apologise that for the moment there are no downloads available until I am able to start the online shop from scratch and at the moment I am working with too many people in person to be able to devote the time to it.

What happened to Selz the online shop?

Well, I noticed that all of a sudden I have stopped selling any downloads so I thought I would take a look online at the shop provider...a company called Selz and I noticed that everything was offline, including their own sites.

A little bit of digging and it turned out that Amazon had bought the company and then just closed it down.

You would imagine they would have reached out to people like myself and let them know, and perhaps even provide an alternative...but no. Nothing at all and now way to do anything about it. Sadly all the data, information, downloads graphic design and facility has just gone forever.

Here is what I found out when I saw an article on Geekwire 

Amazon is shutting down Selz, GeekWire has learned, about a year after acquiring the small e-commerce startup.

Founded in 2013, Selz helps entrepreneurs sell products online. Amazon’s acquisition signaled its continued focus on third-party sellers and raised speculation about Amazon competing more directly with Shopify in providing e-commerce services regardless of whether merchants sell on Amazon.com or elsewhere.

“We planned to continue to support Selz merchants, however, after a thorough review, we have made a difficult decision to no longer provide Selz offering as a standalone service,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement to GeekWire. “We are committed to supporting Selz merchants through this process by giving a 60-day notice, facilitating their transition to any of the many other providers at merchants’ own choice and immediately waiving associated monthly and annual service fees.”

Amazon did not confirm how many employees work for Selz.

“This decision does not impact the talented and experienced Selz employees who are hard at work innovating and supporting merchants’ business on their direct-to-consumer stores with the launch of Buy with Prime,” the spokesperson said.

Amazon last month unveiled Buy with Prime, a new program that will let Prime members buy items on non-Amazon e-commerce sites just as they would on Amazon.com, including streamlined checkout and free delivery of items as soon as the next day. It allows merchants to put a “Buy with Prime” button next to eligible items on their own e-commerce sites.

So, once again I apologise and hopefully I can find the time to get a new shop up and running in the future.


In the meantime you can listen for FREE to some recordings on Youtube where my channel has lots of videos that may help you. Take a look here..

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