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Why are you holding a January Sale if you're a Hypnotherapist?

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January Sale on Hypnotherapy!! Prices on Sessions Cut!! Discount on your first few sessions!!  Are you looking for a discount on Hypnotherapy this January?




That could well be the biggest mistake that you make. Think about it for just a moment. The simple truth is that January is quite possibly the busiest month for all hypnotherapists and so many other types of therapists as well. Gyms find that record numbers of people sign up at the start of the year.

New Year's Resolutions start here

It's how we all think at the start of the year. When the nights are long and the days cold and dark we look forward to Christmas and then New Year. Then after that....there's a lull as we go back to normal and return to work. It's the time that the papers are all full of plans for change and thinking about losing weight, quitting smoking and taking back control of parts of their lives that they lost control of. It's also a time when people suffer stress and anxiety from going back to a job that they do not want to do and depression can worsen as well.

This means that all good hypnotherapists will be very busy. They certainly won't have time to see everyone that contacts them if they are doing a good job. The only people who offer a discount therefore will be the people who need the business rather than the ones who can help you and give you the most support.

Why do the shops do January sales?  Simple of course, and you already know the answer. It's because no one is going shopping anymore and there isn't enough money for people to be wasting. The shops need your cash and so they go all out to get it.

No good therapist will need or want to do that because they will already be busy. I don't do discounts any any time of the year and the reason for this is because I want to help you to the best of my ability.


How would it feel to know that you got hypnotherapy cheaply !?

Well, it's the last thing I want you to think. I want you to think that it cost you good money and was a wise investment, so therefore you have a lot of faith in the fact that I know what I am doing and can help you. I want you to be invested in the process and I want you to understand that I can help you. I don't want you to think "Yes, I got it cheap!" If that's the most important thing then the chances are that you will waste your money if you find the cheapest. This is because it wont matter if it works or not will it? If you are thinking that you only spend a few quid, so it's worth a try then you are already going into the process thinking that it won't work. Deep down you are telling yourself that it is only worth doing half heartedly.


I see so many people who saw other hypnotherapists first..

So many of my clients come to me after seeing other hypnotherapists who did not help them in the way that they wanted. Sometimes this is because they clearly didn't have up to date training and the knowledge and experience and sometimes sadly it is because they seemed just interested in getting the client to attend as many appointments as possible. I am often amazed at how many sessions someone has had and yet seen no change. On average I only see clients for 3-4 sessions and if they were not seeing a change after the first then they wouldn't want to come back.


Simple advice for you....save your money

SO, my advice for you in the coming year...think carefully about what you want and how much you want it. You really do get what you pay for and therapy is something that you should only do if you really want to make a change. If you are only thinking of doing it because you can get a deal, then do yourself a favour and just save your money! Why on earth would it work if you don't really want it to?

Hypnotherapy can help you to make amazing changes. I have a huge amount of success with my clients and the reason for this is simply that I only work with people who really do want to make a change.


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