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Newsroom actress Olivia Munn talks about hypnosis for her OCD and Trichotillomania

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American actress Olivia Munn who appeared in the TV drama The Newsroom, has been speaking about her struggle with a condition that affects about  1-3 % of the U.S. population: trichotillomania, commonly known as compulsive hair-pulling.
Often, this behaviour is associated with anxiety and Olivia Munn says that she began at the age of 26 when she started to pluck out her own eyelashes. She described her behaviour as also having elements of OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Speaking to “Self” magazine she said:
"My OCD comes from a place of needing to feel safe. I had it growing up, having had a little bit of a tumultuous upbringing, moving around a lot with a mixed family with five kids."

She goes on to explain that her television appearances brought back some of the old feelings.  

She sought out the help of a hypnotherapist to deal with the issues and help her to break the habit.

By learning to relax and let go she was able to take the problem in hand and find her solution. If you wonder about how hypnosis works, the simple answer is that by learning to let go and relax you can really make the changes that you would like. It’s not about taking control of your mind but just about being open to the idea that you do not have to live with something that you do not want to any more.

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