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“Can hypnotherapy help me lose weight?”

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“Can hypnotherapy help me lose weight?” is a question that I am asked on a regular basis. My answer is that not only can it help you to lose weight, but much more importantly, it will help you to keep it off.

Even the best of us flounder over Christmas and New Year, when we eat and drink too much which leads to me receiving many more enquiries about weight loss hypnosis in the New Year period.

Diets just don’t work. Have you noticed that there are so many different ones it’s hard to know which the best is for you. How about not doing any diet? Do you want to spend the rest of your life on a diet? If not then you will lose weight on it and then when it stops you will see that weight creep back on again. Is that really what you would like to spend your life doing?

In the hypnotherapy world some say that you could see the word ‘Diet’ as ‘D’ for disaster, ‘D’ for ‘Denial’, ‘Don’t eat this!’ or ‘don’t eat too much of that!’.

When you deny yourself until you have reached the slimmed-down version of you, all you want is the thing that you are craving. You end up thinking about it all of the time. Once there, you rightly congratulate yourself on all that hard work paying off and perhaps begin to feel you deserve a little break, a treat, a reward and perhaps the chance to eat ‘normally’ for a little while at least. Unfortunately ‘normal’ again usually means going back to your ‘old’ ways of eating and before you realise it, all that hard work has been undone. The pounds creep back, the feelings of failure, guilt, sadness and disappointment return. The worse you feel the more you eat. The more you eat the worse you feel and that vicious cycle returns.

Does this seem like a familiar tale to you?

 Have you ever considered that what’s needed is not the latest new diet but a new and different approach to the rest of your life?

Hypnotherapy could help you bring about permanent long-lasting changes in weight management and weight loss. Clinical hypnotherapy examines and identifies the underlying reasons of why you overeat.

It could be to fulfil something that's missing in your life, perhaps it’s an emotional response to a particular situation or even just boredom. Whatever the reason, utilising hypnotherapy to target this root cause will bring about a change to old eating habits, patterns of unhealthy eating behaviour, incorrect portion sizes and ultimately transform your relationship with food with newer healthier ones.

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