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Ewan McGregor uses app for anxiety hypnotherapy

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Ewan ­McGregor has been tweeting about using an anxiety therapy iPhone app to help curb his stage fright on Broadway.

Appearing on Broadway in a production of the Tom Stoppard drama The Real Thing he has been talking on twitter about how he has had help for his nerves and stress to conquer anxiety. He is a good friend to hypnotherapist Max Kirsten and although his tweets talk about the app for anxiety Ewan has of course had sessions of hypnotherapy to help him with his nerves. The App for hypnosis may well be helping him to reinforce the work that he has done but it may well be just a part of the work. If you are suffering from terrible anxiety and stress then you would clearly benefit from a talking therapy such as hypnotherapy and using just an anxiety app is unlikely to help you on its own.

The 43-year-old actor has said that what he has learned through his sessions had been a huge help during warm-up shows this week.

He tweeted: “Going on Broadway for the first previews has been a nervy thing...My name in lights on Broadway. Big moment for a wee actor from Crieff.”

Seeing a celebrity talking about their own anxiety and stress and how they have used hypnotherapy to help them overcome the worries is always positive. He has already spoken about how he saw a hypnotherapist to help him to quit smoking and how well that worked for him so he understands how the techniques he has learned can help him in all areas of his life.

Always know that you can ask for help and that you do not need to live with stress and anxiety alone. An app for your iPhone may not be able to do the job on its own but speaking to a real hypnotherapist can really help you to let go and move forward.

Looking at Ewan McGregor it may be hard to understand that he would be nervous but if you suffer from stress yourself you will know that sometimes people can hide how they feel after lots of practice.

You can listen to a FREE relaxation MP3 which can help to show you how you could turn down your anxiety by clicking the link at the top of this page.

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