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If you are a smoker...how would you like a brand new iPad?

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posted on 10th July 2012 at 09.38

If you are a smoker...how would you like a brand new iPad ?

OK...  Let’s imagine that you smoke twenty cigarettes a day.

At about seven pounds per packet that works out at about fifty pounds per week.

A new iPad costs a little over three hundred pounds

So, if you became a non-smoker and saved that money you could buy a new iPad in just seven weeks. 

Perhaps you don’t want an iPad...here is something else that you can think about then...

If you saved that money for a year you would have over two and a half THOUSAND pounds.

That’s enough for a pretty good holiday in the sun lazing on an exotic beach soaking up the rays, or skiing in the winter snow and enjoying the off piste in the evenings.

Or maybe a deposit for a car, or even some changes to your house.

And...that doesn’t take into account the benefits to your health, the fact that you are going to be able to taste your food and smell the flowers in the garden...and that you won’t smell of cigarettes any more.

Plus, if you have children imagine what a good example this sets for them...and how proud they will be of you and you of yourself.

It’s something to think about isn’t it? Many people don’t take the time to sit down and work out how much they spend on smoking and when they do it can really help to make a decision that moves them foward to a healthier and wealthier life. 

I'm not suggesting that becoming a non smoker is really easy! It isn't, or you would already have done it. But thinking about it in a different way is a really good start. Looking at the positives and the things that will be better could just be the little thing that helps you to make the decision.

As a hypnotherapist I can’t make you give up smoking. No one can do that!  It has to be your choice. However, if you make that decision to become a non smoker.. I can really help you towards your goal. I know how well it works, because it’s how I gave up. I wanted to stop and hypnosis helped me make that change.

Why not give me a call on 07980 233160 and we can have a chat about it?

There is no obligation at all, you can carry on smoking if you really want to.

It’s just something to think about...(since I wrote this the new iPhone5 has arrived so you never know you may want one of those instead!  You may have to save a little longer though!

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