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Tv Review Vertigo Road Trip on BBC One

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Even before the opening sequence of Vertigo Road Trip on BBC One with Mel Geidroyc I had my doubts about what was going to happen in this show which will document the journey of phobia sufferers. The cynical side of me, and the part that having worked for the BBC knows what sells, thought that we would really be looking at people being scared and crying with fear. Was I pleasantly surprised?

Well..would going to the Austrian Alps if you are scared of heights be a good idea?

As Mel pointed out at the top of the show having a fear of heights is irrational. I'm not sure that is true. I suspect that keeping away from something you could fall off is a good idea!

The idea of this show is exposure phobia therapy.  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I see so many clients who would never want me to expose them to the thing that they have a fear or phobia of. I wouldn't dream of doing it but then i'm not trying to make a TV show.

I use a variety of techniques including teaching relaxation and EFT which mean that you can lose your fear without having to go up a tall building or handle a large spider. The benefit of this is that when you do have to face your fear you are already over it and can relax. Yet this show is making sure that people feel terrible before they feel better. I have to say that it isnt an approach that I really favour!

The five participants all started out nervous and fearful. Again, this does seem to be more about finding people who will look good on camera.

Of course I don't for a moment doubt that Dr.Jennifer Wild from Oxford University is helping and that her intentions are good. I just cant help thinking that she could find an easier way to deal with the issues.

I would be interested to see the success rate she normally has because I know from experience that Hypnotherapy and hypnosis work very well indeed.If something happened to trigger the phobia I can help to deal with it and help youi to let go, and move on.

Clients are often surprised by how easy the process is...unlike dragging them up a mountain!

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