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Improve your mind and your memory

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As you probably know I find the mind an incredible thing. We learn more and more, and unlock more potential as we travel through life.

I love to take the chance to speak to people who are specialists in their field and I recently interviewed Tony Buzan. Tony is the inventor of Mind Mapping. It is a technique where rather than just write notes on a page, we draw them in colours with key words, connecting lines, boxes or circles and images. By making them more visual we really assist our memory in its work. Doing this makes it so much easier to remember those facts that we really want to keep in the front of our mind. We also talked all about how to remember shopping lists and people's names. I don't know about you but I always feel that I have to work really hard to put a name to a face. I remember what someone looks like but I struggle to think of what they are called.

This interview is not only a really entertaining chance to hear Tony speak but also a chance to come away with some very useful tools to help you remember all those things that you used to forget...


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