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Hypnotism talk for the WI Lite group in Stratford on Avon

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How many questions about hypnosis would I be asked?

This was the question very much on my mind as I waited ready to be called forward to start my talk all about what I do last night. I was at the Falcon Hotel in Stratford and I had been invited to speak to the ladies of the WI Lite Stratford group, all about what I do and what I have done in the past as well.

I spoke about my time as an actor appearing in the kids tv show Brum, and the adventures that gave me, as well as my time in BBC radio as a presenter and all the opportunties that I had.

Of course, once I had mentioned at the start of the talk that I would be speaking about the hypnosis and hypnotism side of my career I knew that many people in the room were thinking "has he hypnotised me yet? Is he trying to make me go into a trance?"  It's very commin when I do a talk that the audience start to worry if I don't put their mind at rest, so I always explain that I will not be hypnotising anyone and also that no one can make anyone do something that they do not want to. I can almost see the shoulders of the whole crowd relax at this point.

I really enjoy talking about what I do and also getting some people out to help show that we can change things just by thinking about them. I don't need to hypnotise anyone I can just explain something ask them to imagine it and then get them to see the change that it makes.

I also always have a onion with me so that I can talk about stage hypnosis. Sometimes people who do stage hypnosis get an audience member to imagine an onion is an apple and eat it. I have always maintained that you could just eat an onion like an apple anyway so why not just do so. It wouldn't be fair to get someone else to do it so I always have a munch on it myself. It's interesting to see the audiece reaction and of course it doesn't taste too bad at all. Unless of course I had already hypnotised myself to be able to eat it before I started talking !

After I spoke we had lots of interesting questions and so many members came up to me to talk to me about their own experiences that I always find it so refreshing.

I was even given a mint by one of the ladies to help remove that onion breath!  Many thanks to the WI Lite for inviting me and making me so welcome.

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