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Trevor Silvester Lovebirds live on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC radio 2

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I really enjoy reading or listening to other hypnotherapists when they appear in the media. I think we are all learning all of the time, and the way that someone can put across their enthusiasm for what we do can be very inspiring. After a glut of Paul McKenna appearances recently with him promoting his Hypnotic gastric band, which I have already blogged about HERE I was excited to hear that Cognitive Hypnotherapist Trevor Silvester was set to be interviewed by Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2. Having been trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy myself I am aware of Trevor and his work. He was the first person to start running training courses for this very important part of any hypnotherapists arsenal.

Trevor was talking all about his practice in harley street and his work as a relationship expert.

He was talking about the fact that he says we are all like types of birds! Like peacocks who like rules, robins who need to talk and follow rules, doves who are feely birds, swifts for whom appearances are very important, nightingales who are big picture birds, owls who spend a lot of time in their own head, swans are detail oriented and like contact, and kingfishers who are a bit nervous of emotion. Its a fascinating book. Lovebirds by Trevor Silvester. You can buy his book from Amazon by clicking here...

If you were unable to listen to the interview at the time then you can listen here...


and if you are interested in reading more about hypnosis then you could do worse than have a look at the following for a bit of a showbiz explantion but a simple and interesting read in itself...

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