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Actress Amanda Redman quits smoking with hypnosis

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Amanda Redman uses hypnotherapy to help her stop smoking.

amanda redman hypnotherapy to quit smoking


Reports in the Daily Mirror say: That she has been off cigarettes for two years however she also says that "Tobacco is the best drug. I’ve been off normal cigarettes for two years now. But it took the fifth round of hypnotherapy to properly get me off. It was really good and helped a lot. Now I’m just on these e-cigs, I love them. They are amazing. Tobacco is the best drug, normal cigarettes just have all that s*** in them.”It's interesting to read the story about how the New Tricks actress had five sessions to help her stop smoking cigarettes. There is more to this story than may first meet the eye. 

When I read this it was easy to see why it took her five sessions. She clearly isn't really ready to quit smoking, and from my experience she may well start smoking again. This is because basically she is telling us that she doesn't really want to give up.

It reminds me of when Adele used Quit smoking hypnotherapy and clearly showed us that it wouldn't last for her...



I don't know that many hypnotherapists who would consider being on ecigs a success. You are still depending on nicotine and spending money on something you inhale. It's still an antisocial habit. It reminds me a bit of when Adele said that quit smoking hypnotherapy didn't work for her. It won't work if you do not want to quit smoking because it's not magic! You really can't make people do things they do not want  to do. I am surprised anyone took her money when she clearly isn't ready to quit ! 

My first questions to anyone who calls and asks for help in quitting is "How much do you really want to quit?" It won't surprise you to know that in fact most people are really ready. They know that the cost, the health benefits and so much more await them. In fact most people tell me they do not even like smoking any more. If that is you then hypnotherapy can work wonders. However, if you are not sure then perhaps it isn't the thing for you. You can read more here about how hypnotherapy can help you. It's how I gave up myself and I would never have another cigarette...I knew it was time and it worked wonderfully.

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  1. Dawn Grant

    Well Amanda you have set a good example for all of us who wants to quit smoking but makes excuses that we can't do it. I must say here that if you really want to quit smoking then take the help of hypotherapy like Amanda. It really makes amazing changes in the body. Hypnosis methods is a great deal, which makes possible for us to quit tobacco. Smoking cessation hypnosis technique focuses on three main ideas: Smoking poisons the body You need your body to live You should respect your body and protect it. etc...

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