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Kirsten Dunst is the latest Celebrity to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

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I find that most weeks there is another story about a famous celebrity who has used hypnosis to quit smoking. This week it is actress Kirsten Dunst who has quit smoking after an American hypnotherapist "scared the death" out of her.

It is always interesting to see stories like these because many of the celebrities use Hypnotherapists like Paul Mckenna who charge many hundreds of pounds for a session. It may seem that often what a famous and rich person does is out of the reach of most of us. However quitting smoking with hypnosis is the way that I first came to Hypnotherapy myself and it is a fantastic way to give up cigarettes and end smoking for good.

I used hypnotherapy nearly 20 years ago and I I couldn't imagine ever smoking another cigarette. I know that I have saved thousands of pounds that I was able to spend on much more exciting things like holidays and cars and that I am so much more healthy than I would have been...and of course I don't have people turning up their nose as me for smelling horrible ! Kirsten Dunst can now have exactly that same feeling of pride in letting go of something that controlled her as I do...although she could probably afford the holidays and cars anyway!

Kirsten Dunst is best known as the star of the first Spider-Man film, and she decided it was time to kick her nicotine habit and called on an American hypnotist to help her quit smoking with hypnotherapy for good.


She spoke to the U.S chat show host Conan O'Brien, and told him all about how she found that she was scared by what she was told "He takes little sips of water as he's talking to you and scaring the living death out of you. He's basically saying, 'You never know when you're gonna die of cancer... you quit, and then it's like, 'Any concerns or anything...?' It wasn't that hard."

It sounds like an interesting approach! You may find that my methods are slightly more relaxing!

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy has been shown to be the most effective intervention. It is much more successful than patches or gum, or willpower alone. If you would like to find out more then just click here: Hypnotherapy to quit smoking.  I work with clients in my practice and also via Skype worldwide.

If you have decided that you really want to quit smoking right now then you can even download my stop smoking hypnosis MP3 below right from this page direct. Just imagine you could be on your way to becoming a non smoker today.

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