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Twitter thinks You're back in the room is using actors

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"You're back in the room is so fake" they cry on twitter "Where did they get these actors? 

Since the ITV hypnosis show was announced there has been much debate and I have already written about the show and the way that they chose the contestants here : Are they faking being hypnotised on You're Back in the Room

As the series has progressed there has been more and more chatter on Twitter about the over the top actors and how they are just not convincing.

Here's a video about some of the inconsistency in the way the show is made and a couple of behind the scenes secrets..


Of course the show bears no relationship to Clinical Hypnotherapy which is practised by myself and has so many uses for people. The only problem is that as it goes on it doesn't even seem to bear much in common with stage hypnosis either!  The contestants are so hungry for fame that it clearly shows they would do anything to get more. After the third episode one who overacted greatly even tweeted out that he was now available for more shows! Many have already appeared on other TV shows and when you search Google you can see that at least two are in fact actors. There's more about that in the post linked to above. 

 Let's look at what Twitter has to say about the acting in the show!

Tori seems to have an opinion shared by many:

Beverly hits the nail on the head I think:

James is noticing that often things just do not add up:

My own video seems to be pointing out more of the same including the fact that they never seem to remember what has happened to them...that's not quite what normally happens during hypnosis though!

This next tweet sums up how many feel:

Even Coronation Street's Ken Barlow has waded into the debate (although i'm not entirely sure if he is a fake too?!)


I wonder what your opinion is? Are they faking it? They may not be professional actors but let's face it they are getting a stab at fame and can win money too! Do let me know in the comments below.

Whatever you think, I can certainly agree that it has lit up twitter for the past few Saturdays at least!

You can read more about what Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is really like HERE: What is Hypnosis

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There are MORE blogs and video talking about behind the scenes secrets of the ITV Hypnotist Show here:








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