Fear of Dentists


Are you scared to visit your dentist? Does the thought of an appointment make you break out in a cold sweat?

Perhaps you are scared of needles?

Are you suffering from a Dental Phobia?

Dental Anxiety and a fear of visiting the dentist is a very common problem for a great many people.

Often if you have a fear you will just avoid any trip to the dentist, and apart from causing you to have teeth that don't look as good as they could, it can result in health problems and even the loss of your teeth when treatment has been avoided.

According to a study by the British Dental Association in 1995 one in three adults has moderate to severe fear of Dental procedures. It is also interesting to note that patients often overestimate the amount of pain that could be involved. With hypnosis and hypnotherapy I help you to use your imagination to help make change, so if you can already imagine that visiting your dentist will be a scary experience, then this means that you could also imagine it being a pleasant and relaxing one !

Doesn't that sound like a much better way to think about it?

Having a fear or phobia of dentists is bad for you and bad for your dentist. It makes it much harder for you to get the treatment and preventative help that you need. Of course it doesn't make it easy for the dentist to help you either!

By teaching you relaxation techniques you can visit your dentist with no fears and no worries. If you have a fear or phobia of needles then I can help you to lose that fear so that the visit can be relaxing and simple for you.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help with Bruxism (teeth grinding), and gagging problems as well as helping you with pain relief in the case of emergency treatment.

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