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  1. Tips to help end Exam Stress and Anxiety

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    It rolls around every year in the same way that Christmas does...however this season brings fear rather than happiness and joy.

     exam stress and anxiety help

    It’s exam time.

    So many young people become worried and stressed about what faces them.


    It doesn’t have to be that way, with a little help and a chance to take stock you can learn how to let go of stress and give your best, while still taking time for yourself and getting a good night’s sleep.


    Many thousands of young adults across the world will take examinations to decide their future.

    As one teacher I saw said..

    “Everybody is worried, everybody is stressed, and everybody's frantically attempting to do the best for their collectives.”

     How to let go of exam worries

    Here are a few ideas about ways that you can find to help deal with this time of year whatever level you're at.

     Take Time Out

    Take time for yourself, try and make sure that you get regular breaks. We need to take time to take stock. Cramming won’t help as it will only make you more aware of everything.


    Try and take just ten minutes to learn some mindfulness techniques. Like Hypnosis it is all about learning to let go..

    You can watch this video below. Just close your eyes and take those few minutes out for yourself.



    We always get more of what we think about so, take some time to imagine yourself sat breathing easily and evenly, reading the questions TWICE, and making sure that you plan and then answer them in the way that you have prepared. Once you start thinking of yourself being calm and collected you are already starting to make those changes that will help you on the day.

     Take time to talk and have fun

    Talking it through with family and friends. Make sure that you also go out and do things other than revision. Watch a film, go for a walk or a run. Take lots of time away from thinking about exams.


    Remember, Exams are important, but they are not the be all and end all. An employer will not only judge you on your qualifications, but you're worth ethic and personality.


    People are sympathetic if you don't get the grades that you want you can always resit, you can try again. I know of someone in my family who failed all of their exams the first time, dropped out of school, went back and then went on to have a stellar career. The time just wasn’t right the first time.


    You may not think it now, but in the future you will look back and smile about your exams. If you could already start to whizz forward in time, you would see yourself laughing with friends about how serious it all seemed at the time.


    I wish you all the best in your exams. Do your best, and that is all anyone can want.

  2. Help with Anxiety for students and young people.

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    Help with Anxiety for students and young people.

    Anxiety and depression have doubled amongst the young since the 1980s. Studies show that students and the unemployed are the groups most likely to report being anxious. In fact, in some studies up to 82% of university students were found to be experiencing clinical levels of distress.

    25-30% of students experience exam anxiety.

    Alongside this young people are more likely to report low levels of anxiety than any other groups.

    How does this manifest itself?

    Academic anxiety. Does it affect you?

    Students worry about exams, presentations, maths or writers block. One of the biggest problems is a lack of motivation. This can come from trying to avoid the anxiety around starting the work. There can also be Generalised anxiety disorder, Social anxiety and even anxiety around screen related anxiety because of social networking and Smartphone addictions. In some cases this can even lead to substance abuse or other addictions.

    The anxiety that is caused can be a very serious thing, however the effects can be addressed with a little help.

    The problems can lead to ongoing anxiety about the future. The negatives thoughts about the future mean that you rehearse things that have not happened yet and what happens when they go wrong. Because the brain cannot tell the difference between real and ingrained, and then they can lead to real stress both mentally and physically.

    This can have a physiological result. Your heart can race, you can feel knots in your stomach, suffer from headaches, or problems breathing which can even lead to panic attacks.  Sometimes this leads to avoidance of the tasks that leads into a further downward spiral.

    The good news is that by learning to let go and relax, and focus on a positive future you can address these issues and learn to let go of the anxiety. You can start to look forward to a positive future and when you learn to be more relaxed and stress free, when you are younger, you can use these skills for the rest of your life.

    If you need help with any worries of your own you can contact me via the contact page at the top of this page.