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  1. Working with Children is so rewarding

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    Recently I went off to help in a school that I sometimes assist with recording. As someone who knows just a little about how to record and edit audio after quite a few years at the BBC I also have a few bits of kit that mean I am often in demand!

    I used to do quite a bit of teaching and workshops with Drama in schools so I really enjoy getting back in there and working with young people.

    Last Christmas we did a full CD of the whole school singing Christmas songs and on this occasion I was recording Titanic diary stories that the children had written and were reading out for posterity.

    I have to admit that there were times during the recording of over 40 children that I started to wonder how long it would take ! It was quite a big task but each new voice and personality made me smile and the effort they had put in was inspirational. I was so impressed by the writing and the descriptive skills of these children. Their imaginations really brought to life scenes from the Titanic.

    After a fair bit of editing I was able to deliver the audio back to the school and then I received a lovely card.

     There is nothing nicer than the moment you open a card and see that everyone has taken the trouble to sign it and write messages. How to make someone smile


        I can't wait for the next thing we record now !

  2. Working with Children

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    I have spent many years working with children in my previous careers. As an actor who appeared in a Kids' Television show and also somone who has spent a great deal of time working and teaching drama in schools and theatres I like to think that all that experience has stood me in good stead when it comes to working with children in hypnotherapy.

    Many people do not consider it as an option but in fact children are often much more open and receptive to ideas than adults are. They have imaginations that are wonderful and they are very much prepared to use them.

    I recently interviewed Naomi Richards who is a "Kids Coach" and we talked about working with young people. It's a great chance to pick up some tips and ideas that you can use with your own children...