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  1. Luminarium at Compton Verney Review

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    The Luminarium has travelled around the world and has recently arrived for a few days in Compton Verney for a visit.

    After going along and experiencing it for myself, here's what you can expect if you find yourself inside the huge inflatable sculpture that is lit only by natural light..


    Luminarium Compton Verney ceiling lit by natural light

    What is a Luminarium?

    A Luminarium is a sculpture you enter for an encounter with light. This immersive art installation has been likened to a labyrinth. Walking through will awaken all of the senses, creating a sense of wonder and enchantment for all ages.

    Created by Architects of Air this is how they describe the experience..

    A visitor’s first reaction is often one of wonderment at the unexpected beauty of the light.

    Since 1992 more than 3 million visitors in over 40 countries across 5 continents have been welcomed into Architects of Air’s monumental luminaria, immersed in radiant colour that comes simply from daylight shining through the luminarium’s fabric.

    The luminaria designed by company founder Alan Parkinson are inspired by natural forms, geometric solids, Islamic and Gothic architecture. Each new creation is a maze of winding paths and inspiring domes where the visitors may lose themselves in sensory bliss. 

    It all began in 1992. This year Architects of Air is celebrating its 30 YEARS of designing, building and touring the wonderful luminaria. What an enchanting journey!

    Since 1992 the luminaria have shown their broad cross-cultural appeal by visiting more than 40 countries across 5 continents. 

    What to expect...

    It's not a bouncy castle but when we were waiting to enter I couldn't help thinking that a few of the children surrounding us were expecting to bounce around. In fact quite a few were rebounding off the walls as we watched from outside.

    It all began in 1992. This year Architects of Air is celebrating its 30 YEARS of designing, building and touring the wonderful luminaria. What an enchanting journey! Since 1992 the luminaria have shown their broad cross-cultural appeal by visiting more than 40 countries across 5 continents.

    As you walk in and are zipped up through an airlock you realise that you are in a maze like living sculpture that you can walk around and enjoy at your own pace. All the colours that you see are created by natural light. You wouldnt be in here at night time, and entering during the day it is hard to beleive that the sun is lighting up everything around you. It wasn't a very sunny day when we attended and yet the colours were as bright and vibrant as you can see.

    Luminarium Compton Verney ceiling lit by natural light

    There is gentle music playing and you can sit on the floor, as you have to walk around in socks the floor is kepy clean and it is just like walking on a rubber floor, it feels soft, but you won'r be bouncing around on it!  There are domes of different sizes and shapes and as you enter each one you can see a different colour drawing you in, or you can look down through the corridors of the domes and see how the colours bleed into each other and create their own living moving colour schemes.

    What is a Luminarium, it is lit by natural light and filled with colour.

    It is a very calming and safe feeling space. I have only one issue which I feel may make me a grumpy old man, but here we go. I think that having times for adults only would have helped to make it a more magical experience. We were surrounded by children running around, and as I mentioned even bouncing off the walls which does take some of the magic away. I can see that if you are bringing children it is a wonderful experience for them, however as the adults who were not wih children saw it was hard to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

    So, if you find yourself somewhere where you can enter and experience the Luminarium for yourself I do recommend it. It's a unique and very different way to spend some time encased in plastic.

    You can find out all about architects of Air here : https://www.architects-of-air.com/the-experience

    Compton Verney is a wonderful space and is somewhere to experience the wonder of Capability Brown's landscapes as well as a revolving set of exhibitions and experiences. Find out all about that Here: https://www.comptonverney.org.uk/


  2. Pokémon Go Sleep is on the way but it's still a terrible idea!

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    It has been on the cards since 2019 and it looks like we will finally see one of the worst ideas Nintendo have had in a while arrive soon.

    Pokémon Go Sleep and the go + technology that will measure how well you did overnight..at sleeping is on the way.

    After being announced almost four years ago, Pokémon Sleep is finally ready to launch this summer - a year after its original projected release date of 2020.

    Developed by Select Button, the mobile game is designed to track your sleep and categorize it into one of three types: dozing, snoozing and slumbering.

    Players will have the chance to unlock rare sleep styles for various Pokémon, such as droopy-eared Pikachu, who looks very cute. The game also features Snorlax and Professor Neroli, a Pokémon sleep researcher.

    All you need to do is to leave your phone next to you when you go to bed and let the app analyze your sleep.

    The Pokémon Company has provided an update on the Pokémon Go Plus +, a physical device that connects to both Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Go. With Pokémon Sleep, you can press the button on the device when you go to bed and again when you wake up to track your sleep data, instead of needing to have your phone next to you. The device also features a built-in alarm and a Pikachu voice that can sing lullabies. For Pokémon Go, the disc-shaped device can be used to automatically spin PokéStops and throw Poké Balls without even needing to press a button. Eventually, there will be a way to connect your sleep data to Pokémon Go as well.

    Back in 2019 I was talking about why I thought Pokémon Go Sleep was a bad idea, and my thoughts have not changed!

    Pokemon Sleep App announcement tweet

    Here's everything I feel about how Pokemon Sleep and the Pokemon sleep + accessory will work...or not work depending on the person..


    Do Sleep apps work?

    The big question that I would ask, as someone who helps people to sleep better would be...Do Sleep Apps Work?

    My answer would be No! So why do I say this? It's based on lots of experience and also seeing how people who use sleep apps can become obsessed with statistics which do not really tell you how well your are sleeping. The only way to really tell is to see how refreshed you feel!

    There are much better ways to learn how to switch off and sleep better than being guided by an app. In fact Just having your phone with you in bed is a terrible idea anyway. You should be switching it off and even getting rid of the clock?!

    What should I get rid of the clock to sleep better?

    The best way to explain things is in this video all about top tips to help you sleep. Have a watch and everything will make sense! Three Tips to get back to sleep.

    So what are they saying down at Nintendo about the new release of Pokemon Sleep.