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  1. Zumba fitness with Michelle Waldron and Mark Powlett

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    Whenever I see a client who has come to me about weight loss we talk about exercise. In fact I talk about it with most of my clients. I run as often as I can and I also really like to get out and about on my bike and do some cycling. It's not just to help with weight and fitness but I really love being outside and getting fresh air. It really does help lift my spirits. Often, people say to me that they don't want to go to a gym. This can be either because its just very expensive or because it's not the right environment for them. I actually feel the same way. I just love the fresh air, so even if I am not running I like to get out and walk and just breathe that fresh air.

    I really wanted to try something different to I went off to try a Zumba class. Run by Michelle Waldron of Fitness by Michelle I found myself surrounded by about fifty women who clearly knew the dance moves better than I did. I thought that the best thing to do was to record it so why not have a listen for yourself !

    The thing about exercise is to find something that you like. It sounds obvious but if you find whatever you choose to do a chore then you just won't do it ! Find something that you can really enjoy !