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  1. Here's a little something that you can try.

    Hypnosis Colour Change Trick or Mind Control Thumbnail

    See if you can concentrate on the cards and the colours and then swap them around just by thinking about it! Is this Hypnosis and Mind Control or perhaps it is just a clever Magic Trick! I get asked about Hypnosis to change eye colour and so rather than just make a video talking about how that is mostly fake camera tricks...here is a video with no camera trick at all. Just one take and filmed live by me. Take a look and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it!


  2. You may have heard all about the amazing Navy Seal 8 Minute Power Nap Hack that is all over the internet and all over social Media. It has been a Tik Tok Sensation.

    8 minute navy seal power nap plus hypnosis

    There is just one problem with it and that is tha you need to set an alarm for 8 minutes, and waking up to the sound of an alarm is a terrible way to come back to reality.

    That is why I have created this video which you can use to get the 8 minute Nap just like the Navy Seals do and also find it even more refreshing and much easier to do as well.

    Just watch the video to find out all about how you can drift off easier with your legs in the air and then you can listen to me as I help you drift off into a wonderful hypnotic and meditative state.

    That means that when you come back to the world again you can feel even better.

    Where did the craze for the Navy Seal Power Nap come from?

    Well it all started when former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink talked about his napping technique on The Peter Attia Drive podcast back in 2019. He finds somewhere where he can lay down with his feet elevated (When they’re above your heart it really helps to relax you and let you drift off)

    The problem is that he sets an alarm for eight minutes   When he wakes up, he says during the episode: “I feel like Superman. I feel like I just slept for eight hours.” That is great but setting an alarm is not going to work for everyone. Many will find that jarring awake will make you feel awful. That is the problem that I set out to help with in my video.

    The social media craze. It is all over the place but as far as I am aware this is the first time anyone has ruled out the alarm part !

    TikToker Nick Vitello (566,400 followers) shared a TikTok video of himself trying the sleep hack on April 28, and the video now has more than 33.3 million views. “Take the best nap of your life,” Vitello says in the video. “It works.” 

    So, let’s try for ourselves. Give it a go for two or three days and you may well find that you come back time and time again to keep trying.

    How to do the Navy Seal 8 minute power Nap

    You need to find somewhere comfortable with your legs raised. Let me show you exactly how to do the trick that will make you feel refreshed and ready to go.

    Ready to watch?  Here you go..