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  1. How can I lose that Covid Lockdown weight?

    Would Hypnosis work for me?

    weight-loss-plate Hypnosis rf

    Over the past couple of years so many people have found that with lockdowns and changes to our habits around food and eating that the weight has crept up, sometimes even without realising. Even if you have never struggled with looking after yourself and weight loss has been easy for you, you may find that putting on weight during covid lockdowns just happened without realising it.

    Some people have spent a lifetime working their way through all the different diet companies and it can take a while to realise that their whole business model only works if you keep coming back. Every year we get to see the Slimmer of the Year photographs with inspiring stories. The problem is that two or three years later often that person has slipped back into old habits and put the weight back on.

    The truth about diets.

    Well, it's quite easy to sum up really...Diet don't work! You already know this inside I imagine. The problem is that you need to find another way forward.

    When I am helping people to find a new way forward we learn all about how diets don't work, but making some changes to your relationship with food and letting go of some of your past behaviours and even turning down cravings for the things you know are bad for you, can in fact be much more simple than you ever imagined. In fact what I do is the complete opposite of making you think about food and what you are missing. You can have what you want. You just find that it is easier to control and you are not missing out.

    Helping to change your thoughts about food, eating and exercise will have long term gains. Don't rush it, good things always take longer. A client wrote to me after we finished working together to tell me all about climbing up Snowdon and came up with a great way of describing what we did together. In fact the metaphor of climbing a mountain works so well I wish I had thought of it myself! You wouldn't go running up a mountain because you would never make it to the summit. You plan how you will go about it, equip yourself with the right tools and take all the time you need to do it.

    If you want to find out all about how I can help you with losing weight just drop me an email at [email protected] and I would love to send you some details on all the ways that I can help.


    You can read all about my No More Diets plan here: https://www.markpowlett.co.uk/slimmeryou.html 

  2. Guest Blog Post by Victoria Warwick-Jones of VWJ Counselling

    Victoria Offers Counselling in person in Redditch and also online Via Zoom, Skype and Facetime plus Telephone Counselling sessions.

    Parental guilt and how to have a life whilst also being a good parent

    Parental Guilt RF

    Something really strange happens to a woman on the day she gives birth to her first child, life as she knew it has gone and it’s been replaced with something amazing, scary, exciting, tiring and the cause of guilt for years to come.

    Mothers (and fathers) seem to be very good at feeling guilty. It’s like we become a parent and all of a sudden we have a degree in feeling guilty. We feel guilty about wanting sleep, wanting to eat a meal whilst it’s still hot, all the things that go out of the window when you have a new baby in the house. But this guilt carries on for years and can take control of your life if you don’t keep it in check. Guilt can transform into anxiety which is something you don’t want to actively pass onto your children.

    I am talking from experience and I hear it daily from my clients. Some feel guilty for not being at sports day (is that even a thing in the world of covid?), some feel guilty for wanting a night out with friends, others feel guilty for having a soak in the bath and locking the door. Many parents feel guilty for having a job, you know the very thing that pays for the stuff your kids need. Believe me when I say I have felt guilty over the smallest of things in the past.

    Feeling guilty is a normal emotion but at times, when it takes over, it can take total control of your life. Your kids don’t need you to feel guilty about forgetting that they wanted pizza for tea and you have cooked roast chicken, kids want feeding. They may moan about the pizza but it’s not something you should feel guilty about.

    I felt guilty when my youngest had suspected meningitis when she was 3. I took her straight to the hospital at the first signs of illness, which was the right thing to do. She had a virus, luckily not meningitis but I still felt guilty because she was so unwell. But why did I react in this way? I didn’t make her ill, I didn’t know she was going to be poorly.

    Wasted energy, that’s what guilt is most of the time. If you lead your life in a positive way, not hurting others, then there should be no reason to fall into the guilt trap.


    vwj Redditch Counselling

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