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  1. Is Coleen Rooney seeing a Hypnotherapist?

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    Coleen Rooney shares her hypnotherapy experience with friends.

    Who is Coleen Rooney’s Hypnotherapist?


    It’s a question that the tabloids are keen to ask at the moment as they report of the court libel case between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy.

    There has been a year-long legal battle between the former friends and now a million-pound court case.

    Coleen Rooney is taking some action to help tackle her insecurities.


    According to Heatworld her friends say she has hired a hypnotherapist to help her as her case against fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy finally comes to a head


    One of her friends is quoted as saying.. “It’s no secret that Coleen has struggled with her confidence over the years, but things have got worse and worse as the trial date got closer. She’s been freaking out about giving evidence, what she might be asked, and – of course – actually facing Becky and her lawyers.”



    Why is Coleen Rooney seeing a Hypnotherapist?

     How can Hypnosis help Coleen Rooney?


    Well, her friends are saying that in order to help deal with the stress she is working on becoming more stoic and calm under pressure.

    According to her “Friend” It isn’t just dealing with the stress of the court case that she is having hypnotherapy to help herself.

    She’s also working on issues around her marriage to footballer Wayne Rooney. “Coleen knows her confidence issues are also down to years of having to defend Wayne. It’s made her shy of the media spotlight, as well as overly defensive and paranoid at times. Whatever happens next, the hypnotherapy is helping build up her self-confidence, and that’s great. She’s already feeling a lot braver and more secure. She’s ready for her time in court with Becky.”


    Lots of people see the benefits of having hypnotherapy to deal with issues in their lives, although of course when people come and see me they would generally not tell everyone about it as everything is confidential.


  2. Freya Ridings loses 10 stone thanks to hypnosis from Paul McKenna

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    Freya Ridings loses 10 stone thanks to hypnosis from Paul McKenna

    Singer songwriter Freya Ridings said Paul McKenna has had a ‘monumental impact’ on her life.

     Freya Ridings Hypnosis to lose weight Paul McKenna

    Singer-songwriter Freya Ridings has revealed she lost more than 10 stone thanks to the help of hypnotherapist Paul McKenna. He is the author of popular self-help books including I Can Make You Thin, Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, I Can Mend Your Broken Heart and I Can Make You Rich. Whilst starting out as a DJ Paul McKenna interviewed a Hypnotist on his radio show and decided that this was the path he wanted to tread for himself. McKenna is one of the world’s best-known hypnotherapists and his books have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. 

    Speaking to Paul McKenna on his new Positivity Podcast, which has also featured interviews with Simon Cowell, Gok Wan, Mel B and Katie Piper, the singer said she was “quite big” growing up before her mother gave her one of Paul’s books when she was just 16. It helped her in her journey to lose over 140lbs.  

    She said that she felt isolated at school, suggesting her weight may have been a response to that.

    “I was quite sort of big, growing up. Simultaneously, being isolated at school, a part of that was almost the shell I had put around myself. And you have actually been a huge part of that journey which is why I’m really excited to talk to you. My mum gave me your book when I was 16 and I remember reading it in the garden and it was boiling hot and summer and I didn’t have any friends at the time and I ended up losing over 10 stone, just at home dancing in the kitchen and doing what you did with your incredible book. So thank you so much for that, you’ve had a monumental impact on my life.”

    If you would like to learn more about weight loss hypnosis there is lots of information here and you can also find out all about Paul McKenna and some of his work here.