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  1. Does Elon Musk use Hypnosis tricks to control people’s minds?

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    Does Elon Musk use Hypnosis tricks to control people’s minds?

    Elon Musk on Twitter Hypnosis and Hypnotic language

    Does that sound like a strange question to you?

    Could Elon Musk be a secret Hypnotist using the power of hypnosis to get people to think the things he wants?

    Well, the question arose after I saw a few people making comments about this after his decision to purchase twitter. As a hypnotherapist I always find questions like this interesting to look at and it is someting that comes up when famous and influential people speak in front of the public.

    To be fair we don’t have a huge amount to go on when it comes to Elon Musk and speaking in public because in most of the clips we see of him he is basically acting the fool and goofing off. Breaking indestructible car windows and things like that.

    Just remember how he walked into the Twitter Headquarters carrying a Kitchen Sink with the punch line “Let that Sink in” It’s the kind of humour that your ten year old would probably groan at. It’s a perfect example of a Dad Joke...ie: something that isn’t actually that funny.

    In fact time and time again we see the evidence of Elon Musk trying to use humour. It would seem that even though he is famous for Tesla and Space X and now being the Chief Twit of twitter he would rather be able to make people laugh.

    Lots of stage hypnotists love using humour and of course most of their acts are all about laughter and seeing people do things on stage creates the mirth.

    So, why am I looking at the humour side of Musk? Do you wonder what that has to do with Hypnosis?

    Well, I would say that it is part of the reason why I would say that Musk actually shows us the opposite of how someone using hypnotic techniques would behave. This is because of one very simple reason.

    We can see that Elon Musk often just lets out the very first thought that he has. He launches it into the world just like he launches rockets into the atmosphere. And.. just like those rockets some of those thoughts would have been better staying where they were and would have caused less damage.

    Remember when he wanted to help the children trapped in an underground cave in Thailand? He wanted to send a submarine that wouldn't actually fit in the cave. Rather than accept that was the case he made a slur against one of the men working to save the lives of these trapped children..


    This just isn't the way that anyone using hypnosis techniques works.

    So, Why is it that I think Elon Musk knows nothing about using Hypnotherapy?

    It's because when you are using hypnotherapy techniques you think about every word and how every word that you speak will have an effect. You know that what you say will influence people and so you have to take time to think about it and say the right things at the right time. Why do you think that when hypnotherapists like myself speak we often speak slowly? It's because we want to be clear, to make sure that you are hearing the right things.

    Can you give me an example of someone who does use hypnotic language?

    Yes! a really good example of this in real life would be when you go to the dentist or doctor and they give you an injection. When they say to you "just a little scratch" you already know that it won't really hurt you, because they have planted this in your mind. Imagine if they said "Boy this needle is going to really HURT!!" you would already be backing away.

    So, whilst I know there are lots of fans and lots of people who are not fans I would have to say that Nope Elon Musk is not using Hypnosis on people!

    Sorry if you are a Musk fan and you find that dissappointing, but hey he's got a massive electric car company, he is sending rockets to space and he owns twitter, so he is doing ok!

    And Hey, Elon, if you happen to be reading this why not take a look at one of my hypnosis videos and see what happens when I make you use your mind to control your body!!

    Watch and see and feel what happens for yourself....

  2. The weird body trick with the number six that anyone can do..or can't do!

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    I love things that show us how our minds work and this body trick is a great example. You probably know already that it is hard to rub your stomach and pat your head, well this takes that idea quite a step up!

    Out minds sometimes confuse us and because of the way that our thinking works we cannot always do more than one thing at a time.

    In this case we are trying so hard to move our foot in a circle that when we need to use our cognitive function to remember what a six looks like and then draw it in the air we find that we cannot actully do it without our foot taking on a mind of its own and moving in the opposite direction to the one we started moving it in!

    Have a go and try it for yourself. The thing is that some people who do things that mean they have trained themselves to detach the thinking from each limb and then created a muscle memory can find a way to do it. So, in fact I play the drums a little bit (as you can see in the video) and this means that in some ways I can try and do it with a little more success...although I really do have to try!