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  1. Welcome to the World of Weight Loss on BBC Two – a review

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    Vanessa Engle and Welcome to the World of Weight Loss on BBC Two – a review. This documentary following members of slimming clubs as they try to lose weight is just one of a glut of programmes about diet, slimming and losing weight at the moment. Jacques Peretti has his documentary, The Men who made us Thin, which is a follow up to The Men who made us Fat. Both of those I have already written about in detail. This review of Welcome to the World of Weight loss by Vanessa Engle will focus on that show and what we learnt that could be useful to help in losing weight, slimming and helping with self confidence over weight issues.

    All over the country tens of thousands of people, mainly women, attend slimming clubs every week. So, why are obesity rates soaring despite so many people being on diets? This programme aimed to explore this question.

    It was interesting watching one lady say that she used to think about all of the things that she had eaten, now she thinks about all the things that she hasn’t eaten..the point I would note is that she is still thinking about eating though! Would it be better not to be focussed on food all the time?

    Watching a Weight Watchers meeting with its ritual weigh ins and happy or disappointed women talking about the constant fight with food shows that these clubs are relying on you keeping that fight going, rather than changing so that you don’t need to think about it anymore. It is a constant stream of food diary writing which means that you are thinking about food all the time. This is just making it worse surely? Why are these weight loss groups making you think about food all the time?

    Could it be that it means that you will keep coming back to them? When I work with hypnotherapy clients who are looking for weight loss we have a five week programme and then you go away and do it without me. I wonder why weight loss clubs do not like this idea?

    At Rosemary Conley as well as the dieting they are also doing some exercise, low impact aerobics. We saw the participants being encouraged to stop looking at nice food over Christmas, because it will be bad for them. Of course this is true, but again it is all about saying, stop, don’t, deny.  These words often make us just want things more!

    Many of the interviewees talked about their relationship with food and how they grew up and what this meant to them as they got older. It is common that we learn about our attitudes to food when young, the good news is that you can change these thoughts and feelings...for the better. I wonder if being weighed every week and lectured about what you can’t have is really helping. You can even spend your time weighing your food as well. Scales seem to be a vital part of the ongoing process.

    Many people seem to be hooked on the idea of losing weight fast. How many people gain weight fast though? The general story seems to be that most people gradually put weight on, so when trying to lose it do not hurry, take your time and it will work much better for you.

    One of the themes that we saw throughout Welcome to the World of Weight loss was the oddly religious flavour of the weight loss and slimming world. We saw church hall after church hall full of groups discussing their food sins or Syns, as Slimming World has named them.

    Even the comments made sound like they are of a religious flavour:

    “I do believe God brought me to WeightWatchers”,    “I get this awful guilt after snacking”   and   “Slimmers, your haloes are glowing!”

    It would seem that weight loss is the new religion. Is it one that you would like to be tied to for life?

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  2. All good things take time...lose weight slowly not fast !

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    "Life's good I'm off to climb Kilimanjaro in September . Weights coming off slowly . Lost 1& 1/2 stone now . 1 stone left to lose . "

    - I've just received this as part of a wonderful email from a client who didn't think they would ever lose weight! Now they have seen that weight loss is something that takes time. It's so much easier for them to understand and be proud of all the changes they have already made...and look forward to more in the future.


    Helping to change your thoughts about food, eating and exercise will have long term gains. Don't rush it, good things always take longer. In fact the metaphor of climbing a mountain works so well I wish I had thought of it myself! You wouldn't go running up a mountain because you would never make it to the summit. You plan how you will go about it, equip yourself with the right tools and take all the time you need to do it.

    When I work with weight loss clients they often wish to lose all the weight they want to be rid of as quickly as possible. This is never a good idea. In fact if you want to read the reasons why you could well end up bigger than before take a look at this..."The Men who made us Thin: BBC Television Review - Diets don't work"

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