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  1. I love optical illusions and the way that they mess with out brains and thoughts and this one is one of my favourite at the moment.. Although..here is a warning, if you watch this for too long it may make you feel sick. I know that is how I started to feel when I was editing and making it!

    So what is happening here? It looks like the colours are making the lines and circles move, but watch carefully and see what happens when I remove the colours from that picture and make it black and white.

    Once again, do only watch it for a short while, if you watch it twice in a row you may feel a little sick and giddy...

  2. I love things that show us how our minds work and this body trick is a great example. You probably know already that it is hard to rub your stomach and pat your head, well this takes that idea quite a step up!

    Out minds sometimes confuse us and because of the way that our thinking works we cannot always do more than one thing at a time.

    In this case we are trying so hard to move our foot in a circle that when we need to use our cognitive function to remember what a six looks like and then draw it in the air we find that we cannot actully do it without our foot taking on a mind of its own and moving in the opposite direction to the one we started moving it in!

    Have a go and try it for yourself. The thing is that some people who do things that mean they have trained themselves to detach the thinking from each limb and then created a muscle memory can find a way to do it. So, in fact I play the drums a little bit (as you can see in the video) and this means that in some ways I can try and do it with a little more success...although I really do have to try!