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  1. Kirstie and Phil want to Hypnotise property owners to forget about their location location location as they decide whether to buy or not to buy

    There have been many attempts to try to use hypnosis in TV shows to draw in viewers although most have sunk without trace or been open to ridicule such as the ITV show “You’re Back in the Room” which rated poorly and most people realised was not even that amusing.

    Following in those footsteps are Channel 4 who are launching a new property show that will see property hunters undergo hypnotherapy before being sent back to their own homes...supposedly forgetting that they live there.

    Woman thinking about house for hypnosis property show

    Can you hypnotise someone to forget where they live and what their house looks like?

    The rather strange premise is that the show's participants will view their own houses as strangers would do after undergoing hypnotherapy, and they'll then try to identify what might stop prospective buyers from parting with their cash. Of course we have to assume that this is something that is possible. Right away the idea of someone actually forgetting their own house when it is full of reminders of them seems a little suspect. Even if you remove all their personal things our houses are full of reminders such as smells and other ways our senses would remind us.

    "It's a Crazy idea"

    A quote from one of the shows producers said: "It’s a crazy idea but it actually works and will make great TV. Seeing your own property with fresh eyes is a new concept and can really help sellers struggling to work out why they can’t get a buyer. The creators hope it will garner a cult following plus provide a lot of laughs."

    The new show is being developed by the same firm behind 'Location, Location, Location' – which is hosted by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer – and filming is due to begin this winter.

    Channel 4 bosses are also planning to hand the unnamed show a prime-time slot on the TV schedule.

    'Location, Location, Location' was launched on Channel 4 in 2000, and although it's proven to be a huge hit with viewers, Kirstie previously insisted it isn't to blame for the rise in property prices across the UK.

    Speaking about the housing price boom and defending her show she said "It’s not the fault of 'Location, Location, Location' that the property market has gone mad. Because Jamie Oliver does a cookery show, does that mean he’s responsible for obesity? I’ve lobbied successive housing ministers to change the appalling way we sell houses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – it’s different in Scotland. But nothing has happened. It’s still a mess. What we’re telling is the story of people’s hopes and dreams. That’s why the programme has endured."

    I think it is fair to say that Location Location Location has endured because we all like a sneaky look into other people’s homes to see how they live and if there are any ideas that we would like to use for ourselves.

    The problem with a property show about hypnosis - is the hypnosis fake?

    The problem with a show like this is that the questions about faking and lying will be there right at the start. Are the people on the show faking that they cannot remember their own houses?

    Well, look at it this way. If you see a stage hypnosis show the people who get up on stage want to be there. They want to do wacky things and be in front of people. You can’t make people do things they do not want to do by hypnotising them.

    When the ITV game show “You’re Back in the Room” was on, it was pretty clear that the people on it wanted to be on TV and that will clearly be the same here.

    Let’s not hold our breath for this show, as it sounds very much like the kind of programme that may not even make it to air.

     If you want to find out more about the kind of person who appears on a TV show about Hypnosis and if hypnosis TV shows are fake then here's an explainer...

  2. Does Hypnosis to Quit Smoking work?

    Can Hypnotherapy help you to Stop Smoking for good this Stoptober ?

    cigarette stubbed out quit smoking hypnosis

    Last year Stoptober passed quite a few people by as we headed into another Covid wave and people had other things on their mind.

    This year as we head into a flu season with Coronavirus still around, there is no better time to look at giving up smoking for good. Studies have shown that being a smoker can make your reaction to both Covid and flu worse. Because we now know that Covid cases can cause even worse problems in the lungs of smokers, you may also wonder if Hypnotherapy could be the answer you are looking for, if you find it hard to quit smoking alone.

    What is Stoptober?

    It has now been going for a good few years. The idea of a month to help raise awareness of giving up cigarettes for good to help you and also of course the strain on the NHS in having to deal with more patients at a time when things are already very busy.

    It is a government backed scheme designed to help people who really want to give up smoking. The thinking of a month long campaign is that if you can give up for 28 days then you are much more likely to remain a non smoker.

    It takes about that long to break a habit so with a little support you can get to November and not need another cigarette again.

    The difference with Hypnotherapy to stop smoking... The biggest difference is that we really want you to leave after seeing me with the habit already in check. Rather than a struggle with willpower for a month, my aim is that you simply stop and don’t find any cravings or need to smoke any longer.

    How do I know Hypnosis works to quit smoking?

    Well...I used Hypnosis to Stop Smoking myself

    Non smoker quit smoking RF

    For myself, I gave up smoking myself with hypnotherapy well over twenty years ago and now I help others to quit smoking with hypnosis in just one session! We have a session which lasts about an hour and a half and after we talk things through and I introduce you to how hypnosis works then you go away already a non smoker.

    I even make you a recording of the hypnosis that we do to help everything sink in and also act as a great way to switch off and relax at home.

    Many of the things that I help people with can take a few sessions, but quitting smoking with hypnosis is completed in one session for you. Don’t forget, I even make you a recording that you can listen to at home to really help you stay a non smoker.

    There are many different ways that you can get help and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I know how successful hypnotherapy can be.

    The most important thing is that just starting to think about it and talk about it can lead you to really make the change.

    Having read this page on my website is a great start. You can either contact me now, or just let yourself have a few days to think about when you are ready to let go of the cigarettes and take back control from them.

    Skype Quit Smoking sessions.

    When Covid hit the world many people turned to working online. However, I have been working with people online to help them with Skype Hypnotherapy for about ten years so I already had lots of experience. If you are near to me in Redditch in the UK then you can come and see me in person. If you are further afield then you can still work with me online on Skype in the comfort of your own home.

    In 2021 the Covid crisis has made Stoptober even more important. If you catch Coronavirus as a smoker then the effects could be much worse for you as it affects your lungs. This year the UK Government will be making even more noise about the benefits of stopping smoking.

    You can read all about how I could help you to stop smoking with hypnosis and watch a video all about it here:         Quit Smoking Hypnosis - How does it work?

    You can email me for more details at [email protected]