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  1. Can Dogs Read Minds?

    Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered if he knows what you are thinking?

    Dogs are very intuitive and inquisitive. They will come over and comfort you if you feel that you are upset. They want to make you happy and make sure that you are ok.

    So, if you have ever asked yourself or wondered what your dog is thinking then here is a chance for you to find out what happens the other way round. This time the dog knows what you are thinking! Did he read your mind or was he using hypnosis to plant a subliminal idea in your mind without you knowing? 

    Is it Hypnosis or mind control? This is my dog Coco and he is going to read your mind! There are already lots of mind reading, hypnosis, optical illusions and mind tricks here on my channel so this time I thought that rather than me reading your mind I would get Coco to do it! Eat your heart out Derren Brown!

    You may have seen the mind reading dog on Britain's Got Talent. When you see magic acts like that on TV it is hard to know if they are for real or if people are playing along. A policeman called Dave with a dog called Finn wowed Simon Cowell and the audience with mind reading and magic, but were the BGT judges playing along?!

    Well, now you can try my dog and his mind reading for yourself! Don't forget to comment, like and subscribe. Let me know how well he did. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe for lots more stuff all about our amazing minds.

    If you are interested in more dog based hypnosis then you may remember the hypnodog who also appeared on Britain's Got Talent a few years ago. After his appearance, where Ant and Dec appeared to collapse on the stage I was interviewed by Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 all about it and whether it was real or fake. You can hear that interview right here:

  2. It is said that in the Western World the most common anxiety is the fear of standing up in front of people.

    Performance Anxiety comes right under this banner of fears.


    Whether it is a work presentation or as an actor or singer on a stage, you are not alone.  If you find yourself sweating and with shaking hands, knocking knees and a dry throat that makes you want to clear it and cough before presenting at work or standing on a stage to sing, dance, act or even accepting an award, you are in great company

     Does Hypnosis for Performance anxiety work?

    Some people can find that it can be a real struggle to even speak up in an office meeting. It isn’t even always the people that you think. The idea of Faking it til you Make it is a very common way for people to fight through the nerves.


    Do celebrities suffer from Performance Anxiety too?

    michael ball hypnosis for performance anxiety

    Celebrities have often spoken out about their nerves when appearing in front of people.

    Stars such as Cheryl Cole, Adele, Michael Ball, Jess Glynn and Katy Perry have had hypnotherapy session to help them deal with the anxiety of getting on stage.


    My background was as a performer so through this I have worked with some famous names, although everyone I work with is confidential. It doesn’t matter if you are worried about performing at Wembley Arena or talking in a work presentation. When you work with me no one needs to know, unless you want to tell them of course.


    Anxiety disorders can seriously impact your day to day life from school to work presentations, and even your personal relationships.  When you feel overwhelmed it is time to find a way to deal with it.

    Nerves and Excitement can be very similar

    Does that sound strange? In fact the feelings around both nerves and excitement are physically the same, so when you learn to see it as excitement then you can really look forward to standing in front of people instead of dreading it.

    You can find out more about how I could help with stress and anxiety, whether it comes from performance anxiety or from any other route, you can learn to let go, to manage your stress and start to think about how you really want things to be with the right help.


    You can email me on [email protected] in confidence.