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  1. Road bridge RF

    Have you ever been somewhere up really high and just wondered about jumping off and what would happen.

    Or have you ever stood on the side of a train track and wondered about if you could jump in front of a train, or even what would happen if you pushed someone else off the platform ?

    Maybe you have been driving a car and the idea has flashed into your head about driving straight into incoming traffic or off a bridge.

    Sounds crazy doesn’t it. It all sounds quite scary. But if you have then you are not alone and you are not really going mad.

    Here's my latest video that shows you exactly what is going on and why you don't need to worry about those thoughts. You can watch it right here...


    So, what’s actually happening? Well, all of our thoughts have to come from somewhere. They are based on our experiences in life and what path we want to take as we move forward.

    So, in order for us to decide what we want to do, what we want to happen ,we have to think about what we don’t want to happen.

    Imagine that the dragon from game of thrones was Pink and fluffy and had rainbow coloured wings.

    You don’t need me to show you a picture though do you? You can already imagine it for yourself.

    You didn’t know you were going to think about a pink rainbow dragon but now you are thinking about one. I made you do it just like advertisers may make you think about things. Things that you didn’t know you wanted.

    I really fancy some Pringles or a coke.. do you as well now?

    So our unconscious mind is thinking of all sorts of things. It wants to keep us safe. This is so that we can rule them out and not do them. So, pretty much everyone may find they get thoughts that seem a bit random and even inappropriate

    It’s just your brain thinking... do I want that or not?  It’s a bit like if you start to wonder if you fancy your best friends wife..or husband.  Or both!  It doesn’t mean you are going to do anything. You are just processing everything and deciding what is the right path for you.

    So of course this stuff can actually be really beneficial because it helps us to decide to step away from the platform or not to get to close to a really high edge. It keeps us safe.

    Sometimes when we think about what we don’t want then it helps us to think about what we do want.

    Spend more time thinking about the stuff you want to happen and then you can make that stuff more likely to happen.

    So don’t fret about those weird thoughts. Just think about what you really want to do rather than what you don’t want to do and all will be great.

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  2. Oh The Places You'll Go read for you - A wonderful story by Dr. Seuss.

    Oh the places you'll go is a story that I often read to children when I am working with them and their parents and I wanted people to be able to hear the story read at any time.

    It's a very famous story and in fact in even featured in the sitcom Friends. In the episode "The one where Rachael finds out" Joey gives the book to Rachael as a birthday present. So, if you are wondering..."What book did Joey give Rachael in Friends for her birthday?" this is the Dr Seuss book that he gave her as a gift.


    There are lots of American voices reading this wonderful story, but I couldn't find any where the story is read with an English accent, and as that is where I am from I thought I would read it for you. I hope you enjoy listening.


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    What is Oh The Places You'll go about?

    So, it's a book written and illustrated by children's author Dr. Seuss. It was first published by Random House on January 22, 1990. It is his last book to be published during his lifetime. The book concerns the journey of life and its challenges. Though written in the style of classics such as Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! has many specific characters including a narrator and the reader. A young boy, referred to simply as "you", initiates the action of the story. However, the presence of a main character helps readers to identify with the book. It is written in second person and uses future tense.

    On the Teaching Children Philosphy website there is some useful informaion written by By Danielle Perris and Lindsay Romanic

    https://www.teachingchildrenphilosophy.org/BookModule/OhThePlacesYoullGo  There are lots of ideas that you can explore with children on what it means to them and what lessons we can learn from this book too.

    "Dr. Seuss’s children’s book Oh the Places You’ll Go raises the question about the theory of individualism vs. communitarianism. The book uses the phrase “The brains in your head, the feet in your shoes” as a metaphor for the skill, abilities, and knowledge one has to help them succeed within a new life phase, for example graduation. Dr Seuss also discusses the moments within a new phase where there will be struggles and difficulties and at times, you will be stuck in “the waiting place.” The “waiting place” is where you may be waiting for opportunities to come or preparing for these new opportunities. This story raises questions about how we get the “brains in our head and the feet in your shoes.” Are we able to develop the skills, abilities, and knowledge on our own or do we need the help of others and our society? Is it possible for us, as individuals, to create our own opportunities, or do we need other’s help in order to pull us out of the “waiting place?” Furthermore, it could be argued that our skills, abilities, and knowledge are a product of our individual nature. However, if we are a product of our society, then it could be argued that we need our society to help us through new life phases. Although we live within a community, it is easy to feel as though you are alone. An individual’s identity may been seen as a product of their relationships with others or it may be viewed as just an individual nature that one has chosen out of their own free will."

    #drseuss #ohtheplacessyoullgo 

    You can get the book by Dr. Seuss from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2HeJA4Q