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  1. Hypnosis for weight loss: Does it work?

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    Can Hypnotherapy help you to lose weight for good?


    You may have tried Weight Watchers, Slimming world, Lighter Life or any of the other many diet companies that claim to help you lose weight, but do they lead to yoyo dieting and do they really deal with the problems of overeating and where they may stem from?


    Seeing a hypnotherapist and being hypnotised to help with your weight loss may seem like taking a step into a strange world but it isn’t actually like that at all.

    There are many clinical studies that show how hypnosis has been proven to help people overcome phobias and change certain behaviours.

    So can it be used to help us curb our eating habits too?



    Does hypnotherapy for weight loss work?

    Hypnosis involves being in a state of consciousness with enhanced attention and concentration, coupled with a decreased awareness of surroundings and an increased response to suggestion. It’s a perfectly normal thing that happens to us all the time anyway, it’s just like daydreaming. That focus can help us to get what we want. In this case perhaps more motivation to exercise and eat more tasty nutritious foods rather than junk food on the go.

    Studies have found hypnosis can modify certain behaviours, such as smoking or drug use. In terms of helping people with IBS, hypnosis has shown to have an amazing effect in helping people.

    Medical studies on weight loss Hypnosis

    Further research shows hypnosis may be able to help people speed up weight loss.

    One study looked at 60 obese people with sleep apnoea. One group was given dietary advice, another hypnotherapy for stress reduction, or hypnotherapy for reducing calorie intake.

    After three months everyone had lost comparable amounts of weight.

    However, the only group which managed to maintain the weight loss after 18 months was the group who had hypnotherapy for stress reduction.

    Another study saw 109 people receive hypnosis treatment for weight loss. The group continued to lose weight up to two years after the study.

    Women who underwent hypnotherapy lost weight, improved eating habits and improved body image, in another study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

    When working with people to help them let go of diets and yet still enjoy food and lose weight we can tailor the hypnosis to exactly what you want to achieve. I even provide you recordings so that you can listen at home and relax any time that you would like.

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