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  1. Stop Existing, Start Living Christine Woolfenden Book

    I often receive enquiries from people looking for help who are not quite ready to book a session. Although they are not ready to come and see me in person they would like to start to make some changes for themselves.

    In cases like this I often either direct them to my own downloads, or my YouTube channel where there are lots of free videos and hypnosis sessions...or I recommend a book that they can read for themselves.

    Sometimes people even visit me and ask if it is ok that they are also working through a book that they have found whilst the see me. I answer that yes, of course that is fine and in fact it shows me that they really do have a commitment to change.

    One such book that I came across recently is “Stop Existing, Start Living” by Christine Woolfenden. Christine is a Clinical Hypnotherapist like myself and based in Oxfordshire.

    Christine has taken up the pen and written a book that can help you to take control of your life

    One of the interesting aspects of this book is that it uses case studies and talks about situations that have happened to others that you may well find that you can relate to. Telling stories and talking about others is always a good way to help get across ideas and ways of thinking and Christine very much uses this to her advantage and yours.

    Another aspect of this book that I liked, and one which makes it stand out from the crowd, are the audio recordings. You can download MP3 recordings that you can listen to alongside the reading and exercises and these can really help with focus and change.

    When I work with clients I always make sure that they have recordings that they can listen to so that they can reinforce the work we are doing, and having these alongside the book should defintely help you to make the changes you are looking for sooner than later.

    You can find the Book on Amazon below...

    Do you sometimes feel as though you re sleepwalking through life? That you re stuck in a rut? Does each step forward seem to be accompanied by two steps back? Are you fed up with feeling this way, and wondering what you can do about it? Stop Existing, Start Living is designed to help you take control of and responsibility for your life, so that you can start living the life you choose to live. The majority of what we do is driven by our unconscious mind, and follows automatic patterns of response based on our past experiences. Without realising it, we can find ourselves robotically repeating behaviours that actually make our lives worse, leaving us feeling dissatisfied, uncomfortable and ineffective, but not understanding why. Through the relaxing and proven techniques of hypnotherapy, this book will lead you step-by-step through the process of recognising the ways in which your unconscious mind is generating your sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction. The development focus then moves to the goal of changing those old, ineffective responses, bringing to the fore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that will improve your life and your enjoyment of it. Stop Existing, Start Living guides you through a unique and gentle process of change using ten hypnosis audio recordings. 

  2. It rolls around every year in the same way that Christmas does...however this season brings fear rather than happiness and joy.

     exam stress and anxiety help

    It’s exam time.

    So many young people become worried and stressed about what faces them.


    It doesn’t have to be that way, with a little help and a chance to take stock you can learn how to let go of stress and give your best, while still taking time for yourself and getting a good night’s sleep.


    Many thousands of young adults across the world will take examinations to decide their future.

    As one teacher I saw said..

    “Everybody is worried, everybody is stressed, and everybody's frantically attempting to do the best for their collectives.”

     How to let go of exam worries

    Here are a few ideas about ways that you can find to help deal with this time of year whatever level you're at.

     Take Time Out

    Take time for yourself, try and make sure that you get regular breaks. We need to take time to take stock. Cramming won’t help as it will only make you more aware of everything.


    Try and take just ten minutes to learn some mindfulness techniques. Like Hypnosis it is all about learning to let go..

    You can watch this video below. Just close your eyes and take those few minutes out for yourself.



    We always get more of what we think about so, take some time to imagine yourself sat breathing easily and evenly, reading the questions TWICE, and making sure that you plan and then answer them in the way that you have prepared. Once you start thinking of yourself being calm and collected you are already starting to make those changes that will help you on the day.

     Take time to talk and have fun

    Talking it through with family and friends. Make sure that you also go out and do things other than revision. Watch a film, go for a walk or a run. Take lots of time away from thinking about exams.


    Remember, Exams are important, but they are not the be all and end all. An employer will not only judge you on your qualifications, but you're worth ethic and personality.


    People are sympathetic if you don't get the grades that you want you can always resit, you can try again. I know of someone in my family who failed all of their exams the first time, dropped out of school, went back and then went on to have a stellar career. The time just wasn’t right the first time.


    You may not think it now, but in the future you will look back and smile about your exams. If you could already start to whizz forward in time, you would see yourself laughing with friends about how serious it all seemed at the time.


    I wish you all the best in your exams. Do your best, and that is all anyone can want.