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  1. To celebrate the fact that my Youtube Channel now has over 1500 subscribers and over 400000 views I decided to record something special for people to listen to.

    It's a brand new hypnosis for sleep session. So many people have thoughts that just go round in circles at bedtime and therefore find it very hard to switch off and drift into a pleasant and relaxing night's sleep. Well, why not have a listen to my new recording and see how it can help to teach you to let go of those thoughts and relax deeply into a lovely and refreshing sleep.

    I always think the best way to experience it would be just to listen in bed as you lie there. You may find that you switch off from those pesky thoughts sooner rather than later, and of course it is fine if your mind wanders, you will find that the more you listen the easier it will be to just let go and relax into sleep.

    Enjoy the recording and why not take a look at some of the other videos on my Youtube Hypnotherapy Channel too!

    Here's the Sleep Hypnosis Recording for you below:

  2. Here's a video that shows you how I can spot a liar. Filmed at an event a while back I wanted to show how I could look out for and see, the tell tale signs that someone is not telling the truth.

    When we tell a lie we give away subtle little clues, or sometimes big ones!
    In this demonstration I ask a volunteer to think about one of 52 cards, this means I have a 52-1 chance of guessing which one she is looking at.

    By trying to work out the colour first, then the suit, I can narrow down which card it could be. Then I can try and work out which card it is.

    Watch for yourself and see if you can see the clues that are giving away the card in the lady that has picked it.

    There's lots more videos on my channel so please do subscribe and comment if you have any questions or thoughts at all.
    Thanks for watching.

    If you enjoy this video then try watching my last video where I hypnotized you in just 30 seconds and don't forget to subscribe for more. Give me a like if you enjoyed and please do share.