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  1. How can I stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety feelings?


    When you are suffering from anxiety attacks they can seem so scary that it is tempting to rum away from anything that seems to cause them. Once you understand a little more about them, then you can learn to let go and end them


    Firstly learn to understand the symptoms and why they are happening.

    The way that your body reacts to a perceived fear is a natural and harmless ‘flight or fight’ response. It’s probably something you have already heard about. We often learn a little about it in school biology lessons without realising quite what it can mean to us. We evolved to release the hormone adrenalin when there is a perception of danger. It can happen in an instant, but not always when it is the right time. That danger, whether real or imagined will produce the same symptoms which we understand as ‘feeling anxious’ You may have felt yourself having a racing heartbeat, a churning stomach, nausea or sickness feeling, dry mouth, shakiness, or other symptoms.

    Start to be more aware of your thoughts

    When you become more mindfully aware of your thoughts and how they are more fleeting than it may at first seem, you can begin to notice how the physical symptoms of anxiety arise from that pattern of thinking and then the fear of that anxious feeling, and worry you will have a panic attack rather than the situation itself.

    You don’t need to run away

    Our natural instinct to counteract anxiety is to flee or try to fight it. That’s where the flight or fight phrase comes from of course. When the fear is unreal and only in our own minds there is nowhere to run. If you do run then you tell it that it was doing the right thing and that adrenaline release was correct.

    Hard as it may at first seem the best action is to stop fighting the feelings. Some people explain it as if it is a tug of war. If you just tug against it and fight then it will go on for longer and feel worse for you.

    Understand that the feelings will subside

    N one enjoys feeling anxious, so the fastest way of taking back control is to learn to accept these feelings as temporary and just allow them to be, until they subside. If you fight then they fight back, but accepting them, and knowing that they will go away, then they can start to leave you sooner and you begin to teach yourself that they are of no benefit. It’s almost like they a young child having a tantrum. It may feel awkward and you don’t have to like them or want them, just let them be, and they will calm.

    You can download a free how to stop a panic attack MP3 from the shop and there is plenty more information that can help you here: How to Stop and Anxiety Attack






  2. Did You’re Back in the Room Hypnotist Keith Barry teach Donald Trump Hypnosis?

    There has been some talk on the internet about politicians using hypnotic language to help entice people to support them and their policies, and even perhaps convince them to vote for them.

    There has already been much written about Donald trump using conversational hypnosis and now the hypnotist Keith Barry, best known for the hypnosis game show “You’re Back in the Room” has been talking about the fact that he has been working with politicians to help them learn his skills.

    The mentalist, who has been working on the Hollywood movie “Now You See Me 2” as a magic consultant has reportedly said that he was asked to help certain politicians become more persuasive with their voters and learn more skills about  how to influence people.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Keith Barry wouldn’t name the people he worked with, although he has claimed that he has helped a few politicians.

     Who did Keith Barry teach Hypnosis to?

    Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail he said:

     “There are a lot of different styles of hypnosis. There’s conversational hypnosis which even though we joke about it, politicians use conversational hypnosis. I’ve been hired back in Ireland by certain politicians to assist them in specific language patterns that will just tip people over into their, you know, into their zone. So politicians use conversational hypnosis, the instant induction hypnosis but you have to find the right subject. It wouldn’t work on 100 people but then it might work on just one person.”

    One website contacted several Irish parties to ask them if they had any knowledge of this work, and as you may imagine none of them claimed to know him, so perhaps he has worked with other politicians in other parts of the world.

    Is it all just a clever way to hypnotise the press into writing about him?

    Of course, the other possibility is that it’s all a bit of a publicity stunt ahead of the release of the new film, and the US Fox TV Version of Back in the Room that is currently being filmed. Once that airs then maybe there will be more cries of the question that everyone has been asking when the show aired in the UK and Australia...Is Back in the Room Fake?