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  1. Hypnotherapy sessions help Mum Leah conceive after five miscarriages

    New Mum Leah Elliott appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain this week to talk about how her pregnancy was helped by sessions of hypnotherapy. In fact she believes that she wouldn't have been able to get pregnant without the help that it gave her in letting go of the stress surrounding her situation.

    hypnotherapy for conception and fertility

    Leah had endured five miscarriages in four years and explained that doctors diagnosed her with Graves' disease and endometriosis. She decided that she needed a way to help her with the stress that it was causing and so she turned to hypnotherapy not sure what effect it would have.

    Leah spent three months having hypnotherapy sessions to help her with her fertility via Skype and explained that it showed her how her body and mind could relax.

    I learnt to let go and relax about it.

    "It made me a little more at easy through the fertility journey. It is a stressful journey, an emotional journey," she said. 

    Despite that fact that her husband James and herself had talked about IVF treatment they decided that it would be too much for her and wanted to look at other options.

    Speaking to the hosts of the show she said "I think because, without realising it, I was telling my body it wasn't safe to conceive because of these diagnosis. And my body was listening. It's all about the mind-body connection. We just let go of the struggle and let go of the idea of fertility being our whole life at the time. Without giving up, we just decided to stop trying for a while and I went for the hypnotherapy treatment."

    Doctor Sarah Jarvis talked on the programme about the changes that it made for Leah...

    "..as a GP for 25 years I'm amazed at how many people who have been trying and their whole lives are consumed with getting pregnant, once they get to the stage where they have been referred to a clinic and are waiting for tests, they start to relax. Relaxing and just genuinely allowing your body to do its own thing can make a difference. Easier said than done. If hypnotherapy works for you, fine."

    Trying for a baby can be a very stressful time and learning to relax and let go of anxiety can make a real difference, not just in your ability to conceive but also in helping you through a pregnancy with less stress and worry.


  2. Here's a brand new video with a short introduction to Mindfulness Meditation.

    It's only about four minutes long and it's a great way to switch off from the problems of your day...


    You can read more about mindfulness and listen to a FREE Mindfulness MP3 download here: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/mindfulnessinredditch.html