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  1. How can I treat Anxiety?

    I see more and more people who are suffering with anxiety and stress issues as time goes on. We live in a stressful time and whilst many people can experience a relatively mild form of anxiety when facing particularly stressful situations like a best man’s speech or an important work presentation, anxiety disorders are more severe and can really make a difference to your life. Sometimes anxiety could be brought on by a fear of something that has already happened, or it could be what we think may happen in the future such as when getting ready to board a plane perhaps.  

    If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder it may lead to you avoiding some situations because you imagine that your fear may overwhelm you.  In cases this can lead to leaving work, having problems in relationships and perhaps even fearing leaving the house.

    What different types of anxiety are there?

    Panic disorder or panic attacks

    Panic disorder can also be known as panic attacks or anxiety attacks. They can be characterised by an often shorter term feeling both in your head and in your body, which appears suddenly and without warning. Panic attacks are often a common symptom of panic disorder, but not everyone who has a panic attack will develop panic disorder. Sometimes a panic attack could be something you have rarely, but also it is possible to find yourself unable to get through the day without one or several panic attacks happening. Again, this can lead to you wanting to stay in a safe place and not venture far.

    Generalised anxiety disorder

    When suffering from generalised anxiety disorder you may often anticipate things going wrong and worry acutely about your family, money and your health. Generalised anxiety disorder interferes with daily life and is usually diagnosed when someone spends at least six months worrying excessively about normal everyday problems. It can feel that you wake up with a cloud of worry over you and that cloud does not disappear. Rather than shorter term stress it seems like you feel on edge all of the time. It can mean that even getting through your day can be a real challenge.

    Social anxiety disorder or social phobia

    Social anxiety disorder is defined as being a feeling or extreme anxiety and discomfort in social situations. It is far more common than you may at first realise. In fact according to some research, social anxiety is the third most common disorder after depression and alcoholism. It can mean that you are scared to meet people and interact because you worry about what they will think or you and your actions. In some cases it can lead to agoraphobia where the fear of open spaces, crowds and public places means that you limit your activities in life.

    What are the symptoms of anxiety?


    If you suffer from anxiety you may recognise some of the following symptoms. Many of these are especially severe when you are suffering from a panic attack.

    You may feel you have trouble breathing, a feeling of dizziness and light headedness, lack of breath, difficulty in concentrating, problems with headaches, sweating, a sinking feeling, stomach problems and issues with digestion, palpitations, tightness in the chest, problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

    You may find other symptoms that you feel contribute to making you feel anxious, of course everyone is different.


    Why do I feel Anxious though?


    Everyone is different so the causes of your anxiety could be from many different areas. Often what happens in life can become too much and lead to shorter term stress and anxiety but it can often run in families, and if you have children then it may be possible to show them how you feel with your stresses and for them to begin to copy that feeling and worry too.  


    What Treatment can I get for my anxiety?


    The good news is that there are many different approaches to helping you with your anxiety. It is always a good idea to make sure that you see your doctor so that they can check you for any medical issues and they may also be able to offer you some help. As a Hypnotherapist I use a wide range of techniques to help people with stress and anxiety to let go and move on. If you are interested in reading about other types of therapy too you can read all about that here: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/cbtandcounsellingvshypnotherapy.html


    You can contact me on 0789 233160 or email me at [email protected]

  2. When did you last write someone a letter?

    With emails, texts and phones in our pockets all the time the art of letter writing is becoming a distant memory. letter

    That's one thing, but actually I want to talk to you about writing a letter that no one will even get to see.

    What am I talking about? I'm talking about finding a new way to empty your mind and allow yourself to relax and let go, if only for a few moments.

    Life can be hectic and full of stress and strain, and finding a way to relax and let go can seem to be impossible. I see so many clients who suffer from insomnia. One of the things that I hear all the time is that as they lie awake, struggling with their thoughts, they just go round and round and nothing changes.

    My suggestion is to write a letter, just write them all down.

    Think about it for a moment. What is actually happening when thoughts are going round in your mind? Are you coming to any conclusion or are you just thinking the same things, over and over, and over again?

    The chances of you suddenly having a eureka moment are slim, and the chances of you letting go of those thoughts for just a moment are also very slim.

    What happens when you write them all down?

    Well, you may be surprised. Now they are down on paper then you do not need to have them going round in your mind any more. Nothing was changing when you just went over the same thing again and again. The only thing that was happening was that you were starting to think the same things. Once you have them down on paper then they have no need to go round in circles in your mind any more. They are there in print. You have no need to think that you will forget any of them because they are there for you to see.

    Suddenly, you can start to think about the fact that perhaps they kept going round in circles because they didn't want you to forget them. Now they are written down you don't need to forget them, they are there for you if you need them.

    You may well be surprised at how this can really help you. Any time that you feel you have lots of thoughts that are just going round in circles, then why not give writing them down a try?

    You never know what will happen!  

    oh and by the way. I know that you write a letter....but you can right yourself ;)  or did you not really notice the title !