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  1. Many people wonder about hypnosis to stop smoking. Recently actress and presenter Liza Tarbuck appeared on television speaking about her own experience of quitting smoking by using hypnotherapy.

    Talking to comedian Alan Davies on his television show on Dave she explained..

    "I was hypnotised to stop smoking and it worked. I thought actually I just prefer not smoking. I realised that I liked the ritual of smoking and not the actual smoking itself. I would reccomend it. I found it fascinating. It was very unmagic. Midway through my second session I started laughing and I couldn't stop! I was under still and I was loving it."

    "It was marvelous, I had a thoroughly nice time"

    Like Comedian Ross Noble who was also involved in the discussion Liza is able to show that it is not a strange experience. All that happens in a session of hypnotherapy is that you are learning to relax and this in turn means that your mind is more open to suggestions. Hypnotherapy for smokers who wish to stop is the most effective way to help you find the solution that you really want.

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    You can watch a clip of Liza speaking here..

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  2. Comedian Ross Noble appeared on Television recently talking about his experience of having hypnotherapy. Speaking to Alan Davies on his Dave television show "As yet untitled" He was asked if he had ever exerienced hypnosis and went on to explain exactly what the experience was like for him.

    "I don't drink tea or coffe, but I actually got hypnotised, I went to see a hypnotherapist to stop drinking fizzy drinks, diet coke", said Noble.

    "I was addicted and constantly drunk. My wife pointed out that you are supposed to be in bed before five o' clock in the morning. I had just the one session and it was amazing. I was seeing dragons. It was the best thing ever."

    He explained how the process worked for him... "People think it's a wierd zappy thing but it's just being relaxed, then he puts suggestions in to your mind for you. I really have no craving now!"

    You can watch a clip of the interview courtesy of Dave TV below..

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