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  1. So, the news continues daily. Each morning we awake to find out more about the horses, who rather than running through the fields of our imagination, are ending up in beef burgers and lasagna.

    The story will run and run. Now we hear that horses with traces of the drug Bute may be finding their way into processed food and we wonder what the effects of that will be.

    At first we were all shocked by what we were hearing but as time goes by our shock lessens and we just await the next finding and the next food that has been contaminated with something that we didn't expect.

    So, what good could be coming from this scandal?

    Well, deep down inside we do know that processed foods are often made from cheaper cuts and contain more additives and preservatives than we would get in a normal cut of meat. The fact that it can be taken and put in a microwave to just reheat for a busy person can be seen as a positive. Often these ready meals also contain more calories than something that we prepare for ourselves. The truth is that they are not as healthy as a proper meal that has been prepared from scratch. We all know this but often we choose to go for the convenience and speed over the taste and health. It is always better to make time to cook even though that can be tough.

    But.. perhaps things may change just a little now. Horrible though the horse meat scandal, is the one thing that it is doing is making people think. Thinking about what you eat is always a good idea. Thinking about how you could eat fresh wholesome delicious and nutricious food is a good idea. The more you do this the more you will find that it tastes better, is much more appealing, and is so much more healthy for you.

    Let's face it, we probably all know this anyway, but sometimes a good outcome can come from something that seems shocking at first.

    Just give yourself a little time to think about what you could do that would be positive as a result of what is happening to processed foods.

    I promise that you will benefit from eating better in more ways than I could list so I won't...

    ...Just do me one favour, spend thirty seconds now just thinking about what you would like to eat that is fresh and real. imagine the taste on your tounge, the smells the rich flavour...and remember that next time you are in the supermarket.