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  1. It is being reported in the press that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is using hypnotherapy to help her with her problems during her current pregnancy.

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    Of course it has been widely reported that she had to go into hospital a few weeks ago following problems with being able to eat.

    Now the Duchess of Cambridge is apparently undergoing hypnotherapy to help her to regain her appetite.

    Catherine Middleton has suffered from severe morning sickness while pregnant with her and husband Prince William's first child.


    Her friend Jessica Hay has spoken about the methods the mother-to-be is employing in order to restore a healthy relationship with food.

    "She still looks at food and feels nauseous," Jessica has said.

    "She has that feeling you have when you've had food poisoning and your stomach has shrunk... so she is using hypnotherapy in a bid to help with her appetite."

    Kate has been suffering from a severe strain of morning sickness also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which has apparently left the already slim 31-year-old shying away from food.

    According to her friend the therapy is already working and helping to encourage her to eat wholesome and healthy food such as avocados, broccoli, oatmeal and even drinking smoothies.

    It's great news that Kate has sought help with her problem. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can be very useful during pregnancy and not just for the food and eating problems. Giving birth can be a very stressful time and Natal Hypnotherapy can really help you to relax and look forward to, and even enjoy the moment of birth, with less pain and worry.

    "Kate finds it very hard to eat a full meal and gets full very quickly. The hypnotherapy is taking away any negative thoughts connected with food from the morning sickness and replacing them with cravings for healthy, nutritious food."

    Jessica says the support of those close to her has helped Catherine cope with the extreme sickness.

    "All in all, Catherine's very happy," she has said. "With so much family around her and William, they're starting to enjoy the pregnancy after such a traumatic start."

    Catherine Middleton
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    Does Paul McKenna Gastric band hypnosis work?

    I was somewhat surprised, to say the least, when I was confronted with a new book and CD called "Paul Mckenna's hypnotic gastric band, the new surgery-free weight loss system". In the past Paul McKenna has always been very vocal in his stance against the idea of Gastric band hypnosis as it doesn’t always deal with the issues behind why people put on weight. So, does the Paul Mckenna gastric band hypnosis book and CD work? and is gastric band hypnosis a good idea anyway?

    My own website has information that you may find useful if you are considering gastric band hypnosis for yourself and I have to say that I have not been a fan of the concept myself, here is my practice home and thoughts.

    Paul Mckenna though has now changed his mind and has jumped on the Gastric band hypnosis train so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what he said in an interview on BBC Breakfast with Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt on January 11th 2013.

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    Here is what Paul McKenna had to say...

    “When I first heard about gastric band hypnosis I was sceptical but it’s amazing how much success there has been with it. The way that it works is that by tricking the mind into thinking the stomach smaller and therefore is full sooner it can reduce the amount that you eat. You eat less, you stop, you leave food on your plate and you don’t feel like you need to eat any more.

    All of the decisions about what you eat, and when you eat take place in the mind, the mind is like a computer, and if you like we are reprogramming it with this technique..

    Your mind and body are communicating together all the time, so you can influence your body, if you think of something really scary your heartbeat will quicken, if you think of something relaxing it will slow.”

    Paul continued...

    “Studies have been done in America over the last few years where people have been able to boost their immune system through visualisation techniques, and we don’t know the limits of what is possible, but this technique where you convince your mind that your body has a smaller stomach has a strong effect on your behaviour, because the people who use it, for example a group with “The Sun” newspaper last week, all of them lost weight and they said “I feel a bit guilty because I am not really doing anything at all. I just feel full; suddenly I don’t want to eat as much.”

    He did go on to talk about other techniques that can be used rather than the gastric band hypnotherapy.

    “If I could give one piece of advice, and there are a number of studies from around the world to prove this works, if you eat slowly and eliminate distractions you will eat significantly less. If you eat and watch TV you will eat more, if you eat and read a magazine you will eat more. If you put the knife and fork down and you chew and eat slowly you will eat much less as you can hear the signals telling you that you are full.”

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    Like Paul I have not really been a fan of gastric band hypnosis as there are many ways that we can help people to reduce weight without them needing to imagine going through a whole operation. Although the operation really doesn’t take place of course, the whole scenario is imagined and for the vast majority of people that operation would not be necessary.

    I can help you to lose weight by changing the way that you eat and your relationship with food.

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