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  1. Hypnotherapy for Weight loss in January

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    Although it is mid December and many people are still finishing off their Christmas shopping.. other people are already starting to think about weight loss hypnotherapy for the New Year. Is your new year's resolution to lose weight and get fit?

    January is always a very busy time when it comes to helping people with hypnotherapy for weight loss. Whilst for much of the year I spend more time helping people with stress and anxiety that start of a new year is always the time that thinking about losing weight after Christmas comes to the fore. The phone starts ringing early in December because as time goes on and people who have already seen me tell their friends, they come to realise that unless they start to think about how to lose weight in January now then it may be too late to book an appointment when it comes to the time to look into weight loss hypnotherapy.


    How does hypnosis to lose weight work?

    It is important to know that hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight, feel more motivated and happier, fitter and so much more full of life. However, it doesn't do this by magic! You really have to want to make a change and if you feel half hearted about it then why on earth would it make a change? If you think that you can just close your eyes and then open them a while later having seen the fat melt off your body by magic then you are in for a surprise!  What does happen is that you start to see all of the benefits and you find that unlike being on a diet all the time you can eat what you want to eat!  There are no more restrictions on you and you can find that this means that rather than thinking about food all of the time (sound familiar!) you can enjoy your life and also enjoy your food.

    How often have you eaten something that you felt you shouldn't have and then felt awful afterwards? Imagine not having that feeling and actually enjoying food once again.


    Here's my Six Ways to lose weight without trying to help you on your way...

    six ways to lose weight


    How do I know if hypnotherapy for weight loss works?

    That's an easy one to answer!  I know because it's how I keep the same waist size and weight now that I am in my late forties, as I had in my twenties. Like many people I started to put on weight as I got older but after many years of practicing what I preach I feel fit and healthy and I love feeling that way. I can't imagine being any other way for me. I won't be letting myself go because I know how good I feel now and why would I want that to change?  If you look around the internet and search for weight loss hypnotherapy treatments you will find many hypnotherapists who really don't look like they practice what they preach.

    Ask yourself this question: If you were looking for someone to help you get fit and be your own personal trainer would you go for the overweight one who struggled to climb up the stairs? Of course not. You need to have confidence in who you work with. That's why I don't need to use a stack photo from the internet of someone looking slim I can use one of my own....

    mark p at seaside arms outstretchedJanuary is a great time to think about making that change because you will already be motivated, but it doesn't matter what time of year it is. If you are looking for help to lose weight, let go of bad habits and feel great for the future then any time is the right time!

    You can read all about my Slimmer You - No More Diets Hypnotherapy for weight loss programme HERE: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

    You can call me on 07980 233160 or email me on [email protected] if you would like any advice or have any questions at all.

  2. Lighter Life is dangerous they don't care about your health

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    News about LIghter Life diets emerges today about Coronation Street star Denise Welch and an advert for the company that has been banned by the ASA.

    Frankly the Lighter Life company don't seem to be bothered. In fact Denise Welch talks about her weight loss and defends the advert despite the fact it is encouraging you to lose weight in a very unhealthy way indeed...

    A report in The Guardian explained:

    An advert for the weight loss programme LighterLife featuring former Coronation Street and Loose Women star Denise Welch has been banned after the actor lost weight more quickly than regulations deem to be safe.

    Welch attacked the ruling, saying weight loss companies were “trying to help people, and yet they aren’t even allowed to tell us what they can do for us”.

    The social media page featured before and after images of the actor and said: “Denise lost two stone in just two months.”

    Responding to a complaint challenging whether the ad complied with rules on weight-loss advertising, LighterLife described Welch as overweight with a “very high” waist circumference when she began her programme, adding that she was at high risk of health problems.

    The company said Welch lost more than 2lb (around 90g) a week while on the programme.

    But it said that Welch’s rate of weight loss was in line with expected results for those on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) programme and, while the rate was greater than 2lb a week, this did not mean that it was incompatible with good medical and nutritional practice.

    The company said National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) guidelines stated that a diet of less than 600kcal a day should be used only under clinical supervision, but the minimum daily intake for those on a VLCD LighterLife programme was greater than 600 kcal and those who required medical supervision received it, in line with company policy.

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) noted that the Committee of Advertising Practice code stated that claims for an individual to have lost an exact amount of weight must be compatible with good medical and nutritional practice.

    The ASA said: “We understood that Denise Welch had been classed as overweight when her weight loss programme began and also that her waist circumference was very high, which put her at high risk of health problems.

    Are you aware that many celebrities who have DVDs for weight loss or work for diet companies EAT and Put on Weight first ?!

    It's just shocking that people buy into products such as this. Losing weight in this way doesn't work in the long term. You put it all back on and statistics show that you often put more on than you started with. The thing is that people say how great it is that they are losing weight as if it is a surprise. You are taking in only 600 calories a day! of course you are losing weight and damaging your health for nothing at all. I work with people helping them to lose weight and if they come to me on any of these low calorie diets then I explain that I can't work with them because if you just want to lose the weight you put on over years in a few weeks then you are looking at it the wrong way. Although I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist I am not doing anything incredible when I work on weight loss...just helping people to eat more healthily, end emotional eating and exercise more. That's it.

    You may need help to motivate you to do those things but if you do them you will lose weight...over the long term...and keep it off. Please don't be suckered into giving the diet industry more money. They wouldn't have a good business if it worked because you would only ever go on one diet in your life wouldn't you?!