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  1. The weird body trick with the number six that anyone can do..or can't do!

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    I love things that show us how our minds work and this body trick is a great example. You probably know already that it is hard to rub your stomach and pat your head, well this takes that idea quite a step up!

    Out minds sometimes confuse us and because of the way that our thinking works we cannot always do more than one thing at a time.

    In this case we are trying so hard to move our foot in a circle that when we need to use our cognitive function to remember what a six looks like and then draw it in the air we find that we cannot actully do it without our foot taking on a mind of its own and moving in the opposite direction to the one we started moving it in!

    Have a go and try it for yourself. The thing is that some people who do things that mean they have trained themselves to detach the thinking from each limb and then created a muscle memory can find a way to do it. So, in fact I play the drums a little bit (as you can see in the video) and this means that in some ways I can try and do it with a little more success...although I really do have to try!

  2. The Ames Window Optical Illusion and how to make your own

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    After my last video where I made an optical illusion on an endless staircase and showed you how to make your own too this is something new I found that I just loved! It is called the Ames Window Illusion. The Ames trapezoid or Ames window is an image on, for example, a flat piece of cardboard that seems to be a rectangular window but is, in fact, a trapezoid. Both sides of the piece of cardboard have the same image. The cardboard is hung vertically from a wire so it can rotate around continuously, or is attached to a vertical mechanically rotating axis for continuous rotation. When the rotation of the window is observed, the window appears to rotate through less than 180 degrees, though the exact amount of travel that is perceived varies with the dimensions of the trapezoid. It seems that the rotation stops momentarily and reverses its direction. It is therefore not perceived to be rotating continuously in one direction but instead is misperceived to be oscillating. This phenomenon was discovered by Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1947.

    Here is the video so you can see how amazing it is for yourself..




    Here is a link to the information if you would like to make your own and try it for yourself!