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  1. The delivery man arrived this morning with a whole load of new CDs for me. These are my Refresh Relaxation CDs.

    We all suffer from stress in our everyday lives. Refresh Relaxation CDWouldn't it be wonderful to be able to just lie back, relax and let the cares and worries of the day float away? Well now you can. The CD has been specially created for you to be able to just drift off into your own imagination for a little break. It's just like taking yourself on a little holiday from everything else that is going through your head on a day to day basis.

    Many people are curious about hypnosis and what it is like so if you have ever thought that you would like to try it and wondered then this may well be for you. It's not a hypnosis CD. It's just a chance for you to feel how relaxed you can be by just listening to the relaxing music and sound of my voice.

    We can all benefit from taking a little time out for ourselves but it is sometimes hard to find that time. By listening to the CD which takes less than half an hour you will be able to really relax and have some "me time".

    The CD's are already available to clients who visit my practice, and they will soon be available here on my website as well.

  2. I was back on the radio last weekend on the Midlands Networked Late show.

    You could have caught the show live all over the Midlands.

    But if you missed it..on Saturday I tried a Zumba class in Redditch. I went along to see Michelle Waldron from Keep fit with Michelle and took part in one of her clasess which was a little intimidating..there were about sixty women and me! It was also lots of fun and a great way to lose weight at the same time. If you want to have a listen it's here from the BBC Iplayer and it on Soundcloud.

    I also spoke to actor Paul Nolan who works at Warwick castle all about what they are getting up to for Halloween. You can catch that on the same link at about 30 minutes in. Paul is an expert on the history of the castle and all the spooky goings on.

    On Sunday evening I spoke to NIck Odgen who is credited as being the creator of ecommerce. If you don't know what that is then why not have a listen at about 30 minutes in...


    We also had a few requests. I say a few, but I was overwhelmed by the response so have a listen and you will hear some great songs. Someone even suggested that the tunes we played would be great for a New Years party.

    I hope you can enjoy both the shows...until the next time on the radio.

    It went out over BBC WM, BBC Shropshire, BBC Stoke, BBC Hereford and Worcester and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.