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  1. As we get closer to Stoptober I am getting more excited about things that can help people to quit smoking.

    As an ex smoker I know exactly how much better you can feel once you give up the cigarettes.

    One of the most important things that you can do is to focus on the positives.

    Just think about all of the things that you will gain from becoming a non smoker. Taking that step can be daunting and hypnosis really helps you to understand all of the good things and to make kicking the habit happen much more quickly.

    It takes about six weeks to create a habit. So if you want to stop smoking it takes a lot of willpower for a lot of weeks before all the cravings and thoughts go away. What happens with hypnotherapy is that we speed up that process. Most often smokers are very surprised at how relaxed they feel after just a single session. They struggle to even imagine wanting a cigarette at this point. I always make sure that I give them a CD of the audio that we record when working together and then they can listen to this to help them reinforce all of the good thoughts that they have had. Once a couple of weeks have passed then they really should not even crave a cigarette any more. In fact they often find the thought of "having a fag" even makes them start to get a horrible taste in their mouth.

    I will shortly be announcing a special session to help smokers and raise money for Cancer Research UK and I can't wait until we finalise the details...Watch this space...and in the meantime why not contact me to find out more? What have you got to lose? Or putting it another way.....What have you got to gain !

    As a special deal until the end of October all Stop Smoking sessions will be 20% off the normal price...To read more click here

  2. According to the largest ever study that compared different ways of quitting smoking hypnosis is by far the most effective way to achieve your goal. It turns out that willpower alone is often just not enough.

    According to statistics published by the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) the mortality rate for smokers is twice as high as that for non smokers. Also, on average a smoker will die six years before a non-smoker. Attitudes have changed a great deal over the years and nowadays three out of four smokers say they really would like to give up.

    There has been a lot more research into hypnotherapy for smokers than you may at first imagine. One meta analysis combined the results of more than 600 of these studies which included well over 70000 people from Europe and America.

    With so much information to work with the analysis can give us a very good idea of what helps and what makes it harder to give up cigarettes.

    The highest rate of success was with patients who had been told that they had a serious cardiac disorder, clearly this is a very big incentive to stop. You may be surprised to find that after this the most effective method was hypnosis. It found that hypnotherapy gave a success rate of 30 per cent. When you consider this against people who give up because they are being told they have a very bad health risk then this figure is even more impressive.

    You may or may not be surprised to hear that the least successful method was people getting advice from a GP. I guess that none of us like being told what to do, even if it is for the good of our health.

    And I wonder if you can guess the success rate in people who used willpower alone? 

    It was just 6 per cent. So, there really is no need to try and do it alone with just willpower. You can get help and advice and it really will give you a great chance of success.