Can Donald Trump Hypnotise Americans to Vote for Him in 2024?

Can Donald Trump Hypnotise Americans to Vote for Him in 2024?

In recent years, the TV news friendly persona of former President Donald Trump has captivated the American public, and media. It could be argued that in fact the media and their fixation on him are part of the reason that he is still dominating the news. His communication style, and ability to sway crowds of mainly his own supporters have led some to speculate whether he employs covert hypnosis techniques to influence his followers. Many now call his following a cult. Is he in fact using the same ideas that Cult Leaders use? In the realm of political strategy, the use of persuasive techniques has always been a subject of scrutiny and analysis.  Over the years, various leaders have employed different tactics to sway public opinion and garner support for their agendas.  

 In this article, I will delve into the world of Trumpnosis, examining the evidence, expert opinions, and the impact it may have on the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The Trumpnosis Phenomenon

What Is Trumpnosis?

Trumpnosis is a term that was coined and refers to the alleged use of hypnotic techniques by Donald Trump to create a powerful emotional connection with his supporters. These techniques include:


  1. Repetition: Trump frequently repeats slogans, catchphrases, and key messages. Repetition can embed ideas in the subconscious mind, making them more persuasive. This is basically how adverts work. They just get repeated until we start singing the slogans that are stuck in our head. Do we even realise it is happening?
  2. Pacing and Leading: By mirroring the emotions and energy of his audience, Trump establishes rapport. He then leads them toward his desired outcomes. It has to be said that as time has gone on Trump has become less and less agile at this.
  3. Anchoring: Associating positive emotions with specific words or gestures allows Trump to trigger those emotions in his followers.
  4. Verbal Confusion: Trump often uses vague language, leaving room for interpretation. This ambiguity can engage the subconscious mind. Whilst hypnosis can use this to our advantage, it does seem that the word salad coming out of his mouth is a bit more random, and a bit less ordered. Even when we use comfusion in hypnosis, we know what we are talking about!

What are the Expert Opinions on Trump’s use of these techniques?

Psychiatrists’ Perspectives

Some psychiatrists warn that Trump’s behavior exhibits signs of psychosis and pathological tendencies. However, the focus here is on his potential use of hypnosis techniques. While not all experts agree, some argue that Trump’s communication style aligns with hypnotic principles.

Hypnotist Richard Barker’s Insights

Hypnotist Richard Barker acknowledges that Trump successfully employs certain techniques. Barker highlights pacing and leading, verbal confusion, and the ability to bypass critical thinking. These skills allow Trump to connect with his audience on a deep level.

The Role of Repetition

Repetition plays a crucial role in Trumpnosis. By hammering home simple ideas, Trump creates a stimulus-response effect. His slogans become ingrained, shaping perceptions and influencing decisions.

2024 and the Election that Decides that Future of America

The 2024 Election: A Shift in Perception?

Why This Year May Be Different

As we approach the 2024 election, several factors suggest that Trump’s hypnotic influence may wane:

  1. Exposure: Trump’s tactics are no longer novel. The public has seen them extensively, leading to desensitisation. Even though the press fixate on him it seems that much of the public have become wise to the fact that more than anything he lies, and lies and lies.
  2. Changing Attitudes: The events of recent years have altered public sentiment. People are more critical and less likely to accept hypnotic suggestions uncritically. January 6th may have been something that Trump feels he can use to raise money, but it’s seen as a turning point for many that want to ensure he does not return to the White House.
  3. Media Awareness: The media now scrutinizes Trump’s every move. This increased scrutiny reduces the effectiveness of covert techniques. Whilst there is still perhaps a little too much coverage, it seems that at least the narrative sometimes pushes back against untruths.


Conclusion: Trump, No, he’s Not a Master Hypnotist

While Trump’s communication style may have resonated in the past, the landscape has shifted. Americans are more discerning, and his once-potent techniques face greater scepticism. In 2024, voters will react differently, making it unlikely that Trump can hypnotise them as effectively as before.

Remember, the power of persuasion lies not solely in hypnosis but in the collective consciousness of an informed electorate. As we head into the next election, let critical thinking prevail over any hypnotic allure. It remains to be seen what will happen in November 2024, but the world watches with interest, and perhaps nerves.


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