Ed Sheeran with the best advice you will hear about why failure is such a good thing

Failure is very helpful says Ed Sheeran

I have spent years talking about how the very best way to learn about things is to do them wrong. We never learn from getting things right, but from the mistakes we made.

The first time I drilled a hole into a wall and cut our all the power was when I learned that cable come down in a vertical line into sockets. That may sound silly, but noone teaches you this stuff in school!

It's the same as when I was learning to ride a motorcycle. The first time you go round the corner slightly too fast and end up nearly going off the road, you very quickly learn what your limits are.

So, I was delighted when I saw Ed Sheeran talking about how he was a failure. You may think that being a successful singer and songwriter comes naturally, but he tells us all about how much he had to fail before he became great and the success that he is today.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself - the best advice you can get for yourself and pass on to people today....