Apple Vision Pro Mugging First reports of the new Apple VR device being ripped from someone's head and stolen

Apple Vision Pro stolen from head of wearer in mugging

The first report has arrived about a mugging where an unsuspecting Apple Vision Pro user was wearing the headset and so absorbed in the world of VR it was creating that they didn't realise someone was behind them. In a split second the very expensive device was snatched from their head and the mugger ran off into the distance without being identified.

The shocked and surprised wearer didn't even have time to realise what had happened before finding themselves standing in the middle of a street and suddenly feeling almost naked.

Where was the Apple VIsion Pro mugging? Who lost their Apple VIsion Pro in a theft and what happened?

Well, to be honest at the moment we just don't know. The reason we don't know is that I am writing this piece as a portent of the future. All I have seen are crazy videos, tweets and threads about the Apple Vision Pro, with people walking around New York, driving Teslas and even someone wearing one whilst Driving a Tesla Cybertruck.

So, my thoughts are not about how ridiculous people look, or how dangerous it is to drive with something like this on. My thoughts are that someone soon will find themselves standing in a street and wondering what on earth happened. How did they find themselves feeling like they just lost thousands of Dollars worth of Tech, just because they were watching a YouTube video at at a Subway station.

So, let's hope that I am wrong, but I have a funny feeling that I may be the first to write about the theft of an Apple Vision Pro right from the top of an unsuspecting wearer's head...but I won't be the last.

The problem with Apple VIsion Pro and theft..

If you buy a shiny new Vision Pro, you need to be extra careful not to lose it, or have it taken from you. Unlike the iPhone and many other Apple devices, the headset lacks Find My location tracking. Part of the reason for this is that it lacks a built in battery, The battery is wired in but can be disconnected.

The idea of living in a fully immersive world withing the world you already live may seem appealing, but we need to have some awareness of where we are and what is happening. As mobile phones have become something that we all use the theft and resale of them has increased. We have all heard and seen stories about how someone has been walking down the street texting and then a thief, either on foot, or on a scooter or motorbike has just whizzed past them and snatched the phone out of their hands. Even just looking at a small screen we can become so absorbed that we lose track of what is happening, so imagine how wearing a headset will make that even more likely.

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Where was the Apple Vision Pro Mugging? It's still too early to comment on this BREAKING NEWS because maybe it will never happen, or perhaps you are here because it did happen? Was it in New York, London, Paris or Munich? Everybody's talking about Apple Vision Pro.