Help with Fear of Public speaking

I need help with a fear of public speaking.

How can I speak in public without nerves... I am so scared?

Is this something that is running through your mind? Do you need to give a presentation at work to colleagues or to a boss? Maybe you need to present to someone who will make a real difference to your future, a customer or someone who you would like to work for. Perhaps you have to give a speech and already feel uptight about it? It could even be a wedding and you could be the best man or even the bridegroom and the thought of standing up in front of people and having them all look at you is filling you with dread.

Would you like to leave aside all of your worries and actually look forward to the chance to speak in front of people? In fact would you like to actually enjoy the experience?!  It's actually a lot more simple than you may think to turn things around.

I know how it feels to speak in front of small audiences and large ones. I have presented to over 2000 people and also spoken to smaller groups where there is perhaps only a dozen people and I always enjoy it. I can help to teach you the best ways to enjoy the experience yourself.

If you are looking for help with a fear of public speaking you may well find that there are lots of people who offer their experience for you.

Ask yourself, and them this question though..."What public speaking have you done yourself?"

If you ask me I will point you to over twenty years as an actor and presenter including over eight years with my own daily radio show for the BBC. I lecture medical students about hypnosis and trust me, speaking to an audience of cynical young doctors has taught me a great deal! I've spoken to large companies and school children of all ages. And of course I have given a best man's speech too! This means that I can work with you to help you to find the best way for you to work.

So many people teaching ways to help with fear of public speaking will give you their rules...but their rules may not apply to you. When you work with me we look at exactly how YOU want things to be and work towards making it the way that YOU want it.  We work on a one-to-one basis to help you acheive exactly what you would like....

If you would like to find out more you can email me at [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160

Would you like some proof about how well working with me works.....then just take a look at a recent press cutting from someone that I helped to speak at a business conference in front of over 200 business people...

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