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  1. Is the Hypnotherapy on Emmerdale real?

    What really happens in Hypnosis like on ITV Emmerdale?

    Emmerdale logo

    This week TV Soap Emmerdale is becoming the latest entertainment show to use Hypnosis as a plot device. But, with hypnotherapy portrayed as something mystical and strange, how true to life is it?

    Many people think of people on stage and being made to act like chickens and dance in strange ways, so when TV and Film show hypnotherapy in action they do have a chance to explain that it is simply another talking therapy and a way to help people deal with issues in their lives and let go of the past and look forward to the future.

    In Emmerdale Rebecca has been suffering with post traumatic amnesia - but when she decides to visit a hypnotherapist in an attempt to get her memory back - are Lachlan's killer secrets about to be exposed?

    Desperate to make some sense of what is happening to her she books an appointment with a hypnotherapist.

    She's hoping that being able to remember something from the day that the accident happened might help her recover from her memory loss.

    But what if she remembers more than just the car crash?

    People often come to me asking for me to help erase their memory from an incident that is causing them worries and stress.

    What really happens in Hypnosis though? 

    Watch this video to see for yourself how you can be hypnotised in thirty seconds ...

    As you can see our minds are very powerful so let’s bust some myths about hypnosis and hypnotherapy with the following short youtube hypnosis video...

  2. Footloose and sleeping soundly with Hypnosis

    Kevin Bacon Hypnosis for insomnia

    Speaking to Women’s Health Magazine, the actor Kevin Bacon, who is perhaps best known to the younger generation as the star of mobile phone adverts talked all about his problems with getting a good night’s sleep and how he found out that hypnosis was the best way to learn to switch off and sleep soundly.

    Six degrees of Kevin Bacon being mindful and meditating

    “I recently started exploring hypnosis apps, at first because I was having trouble sleeping, and it helped me with that. Then I started to see a hypnotherapist to see what it was like to actually do it with a person. I find hypnotism to be really fascinating and powerful—in terms of health, sleep, and relaxation, but also in terms of happiness and inner peace. There was a cool thing that happened where I was guided to watch another version of myself going down the street. The exercise was to kind of walk into yourself and join yourself. The message was about being accepting of who you are and not trying to reach for something outside of yourself. It was powerful.”

    Like many people he tried online methods to listen and they can be a great introduction to letting go of your worries.

    If you want to listen to one of my Hypnosis MP3 recordings you can spend just a few minutes here with youtube..

    If you would like to find out more about how hypnotherapy to help sleeping issues works you can read all about how it could help you, and how it helped me as well here:  http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/hypnosisforinsomnia.html