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30 Second Hypnosis ! Watch Below..

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  1. How do I use Hypnotherapy to improve my sports performance?

    Hypnosis for sports performance RF

    When you watch top sports people and athletes it is easy to see that they need coaching to help them with the physical side of their performance. What you may not realise is how important their mental attitude is towards how well they compete.

    Hypnosis can really help with sports success..it doesn't take very long to learn how to help yourself.


    Did you ever wonder about how hypnosis could improve your success with your own sports performance?


    There is more research than you may realise into how looking ahead and visualising how you want to perform makes it so much more likely to happy.

    Regularly giving yourself a chance to imagine a detailed visualisation of the exact moves you want to make will increase the likelihood of this happening in reality. We always get more of what we think about.

    Rather than thinking.. “I can’t score that goal”, or “I will never putt that golf ball” you can learn to visualise yourself doing exactly what you really want. The more you imagine it the more it is likely to happen for you.

    All the psychological coaching that top sports players have can mean the difference between winning and losing. It's not just football and golf either. Even darts players have seen me for help with their arrows!


    It’s not just the things you think about.


    Another aspect that you may not think about at first, is that you can also learn to keep your emotions in check when you are taking part in sport.

     This includes finding a way to manage nerves and performance anxiety but can also be about learning how to manage temper or frustration when things don’t go your way.

    "The ball was in!"

    There’s much less shouting in tennis nowadays that in the old days of John McEnroe. He may have been unable to control his temper but you can learn to control yours.

    If things go wrong for you then you can learn to use this to help you focus and see how you can get the game back on track. Instead of falling apart you can regain your focus and start to see what you can do to help you get where you want to be. It is all about letting go of the negative an looking for the positive.


    Hypnotherapy for sports performance can make a real difference. From helping with a golf swing that feels like it is going wrong, to aiming for the back of the football net with more accuracy, to snooker balls that you can see being potted rather than missing, hypnosis can really help you.


    Sporting people can find that learning how hypnosis can help means that you increase and maintain your self-belief and confidence. The confidence to get what you want can make all the difference.


    If you are looking for help you can email me on info@markpowlett.co.uk

  2. U2 famously said "I still haven't found what I'm Looking for". Well now I want to ask you to do a simple task and look for something yourself.

    pens in a pot RF

    The only thing is that I think you will find it harder than you imagine.

    On paper, all I am going to ask you to do is look at a picture and then count the number of pens on my desk. In reality I think you may find it a little more difficult that you should.

    SO, take a look at the video and see how you get on...and then see why it was a lot easier than you imagined!

    Before you watch it I will say that there are not too many pens on my desk for you to be able to count them. I am only going to give you three seconds but I think that you should be able to do it in time. You may find it hard or you may in fact, think that it is easier that ever.

    Are you ready ! Press play on the video and....good luck !