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Category: Manage stress with hypnosis

  1. My talk at Gillian Wesley's Catwalk Cafe in Knowle

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    Think yourself thin. No more diets ever


    After getting the year underway with my talk at the WI Lite group in Stratford this week I am really looking forward to my next talk later this month.

    It takes place at Gillian Wesley's Catwalk Cafe in Knowle and it's a little bit different!

    It's called "Think yourself thin". At this time of year so many people are thinking about making a new start after Christmas and many many go on diets. Sometimes they may lose a little weight, sometimes they fall off the wagon pretty quickly. So, my talk is all about the fact that diets just don't work. I will be talking about different ways to deal with your weight and how to help yourself get to a weight that you want and stick there.

    It's not about giving up the things that you really love. I still eat chocolate and love it. I even had a few packets of crisps over the Christmas period, knowing that i wouldn't put weight on.

    So what is my secret ?  Well I guess you may have to come and see me on the talk to find out !


    It's on 30th January at the Catwalk Cafe in Knowle from 7pm.

    think yourself thin, no more diets..ever

  2. impotence and erectile dysfunction what can I do?

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    Impotence or erectile dysfunctiion as it is sometimes know is the situation when a man finds it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection which is good enough to achieve satisfactory sexual intercourse.Performance issues are more common than you may imagine.

    Erectile dysfunction affects about one in ten men, and can cause a great deal of distress.

    There is no set age at which it could occur. It can happen at any time and once it has started to happen the sufferer often becomes trapped in what is a vicious cycle of worry that it will happen again which leads to it happening again... and then the cycle goes on.

    Everyone is different and whilst no two clients are the same there can often be a similar cycle of worry and anxiety that comes from an initial triggering event which once set off is difficult to forget.

    Knowing this is the case can often be just the first step on the road to ending impotence. Once it has been established that there is no medical reason for the occurence then we can look to teach you how to relax and take away the worry so that you can return to being able to enjoy your life once again.

    With some patience and understanding you don't need to carry the worry with you any more.

    If you would like to speak to me in confidence or find out more you can call me on 0780 233160  or email me by clicking HERE